Vision & Mission

PERI – a family company with a firm awareness of its identity

We make construction more efficient, faster and safer. Providing the best service to our customers is what drives us on every day. As a modern family company with a very special corporate culture, we are a market leader in formwork and scaffolding systems.

We are proud of this. Our unique culture is the breeding ground for our commercial success.

This success has been possible because many individuals have delivered outstanding performance. This was built on a foundation of mutual trust and respect for each individual.

We strive for profitable growth worldwide. Our objective is commercial success. Our shared ideas and attitudes underpin the fundamental values on which Artur and Christl Schwörer have built their business since they founded the company in 1969.

Over the years this has developed into a firm identity. Those of us who make up the Schwörer family, the advisory board and group management are looking forward to sharing it with you.

Success is never something that can be taken for granted; day by day, it has to be earned anew. Our values, our success factors and our clear strategy constitute the foundations and serve as our guideline as we continue to write the success story that is PERI.

Vision and Mission

What we aspire to: Our vision

We strive to be the leading partner for all formwork and scaffolding applications – worldwide.

What we stand for: Our mission

We make construction more efficient, faster and safer.
Providing the best service to our customers is what drives us every day.

What we believe in: Our values

Our success is based on strong values. It was the entrepreneurial spirit of Artur Schwörer and his fellow workers that helped to get the first hard-won contracts. The reliability of the PERI team was what justified the trust that our first customers placed in us and helped us to win further contracts. The open-mindedness of many employees is what helped us to learn from each other and grow internationally. And passion is what makes us strive to find the best solution, right up to the last minute.

These same values will also guide our future activities. For us, it is both a duty and something close to our heart. Every single employee contributes to our business success by living these business values every day, leading by example and passing them on to new colleagues.

Four terms describe each of our four values in more detail. They specify what we mean and, in the respective combination, describe our approach in everyday interactions.

  • PERI is entrepreneurial: Hands-On, Courageous, Success-Orientated, Responsible





  • PERI is reliable: Upright, Diligent, Authentic, Fair





  • PERI is Open-Minded: Attentive, Curious, Respectful, Agile





  • PERI is passionate: Ambitious, Dedicated, Creative, Getting the Job done




    Getting the Job done

What drives us: Our success factors

Our success factors are what make us strong in the face of tough competition worldwide. We need to rework them each and every day. The customer remains our focus – and that includes those customers we have not won yet. We want to be trailblazing innovation leaders, for the benefit of our customers.

Being a family company makes us strong, because we have the independence which allows us to make long-term decisions and to maintain our distinctive PERI spirit. We need profitable growth and financial stability to be able to make long-term investments in our future. That means that we need to operate economically and efficiently together.

The trust placed in us by our customers means it is our duty to always deliver the highest quality. This applies both to our products and to our workflows. Our team spirit is the key factor in this – both today and tomorrow.

  • PERI is customer proximity: Problem-Solving Expertise, Customer Focus, International Orientation, Local Presence
    Customer Proximity

    Problem-Solving Expertise

    Customer Focus

    International Orientation

    Local Presence

  • The picture shows a man holding a tablet in his hands, which shows the digitized version of the construction site in the background.
    Innovation Power

    Understanding our Customers' Needs

    Professional Expertise

    Successful Products

    Setting the Trends

  • From left to right: Nathalie Schwörer, Christl Schwörer, Marco Schwörer, Alexander Schwörer, Christian Schwörer
    Family Company

    Long-Term Orientation

    Financial Stability



  • PERI is Highest Quality: Outstanding Employees, Team Spirit, Efficient Processes, Excellent Products
    Highest Quality

    Outstanding Employees

    Team Spirit

    Efficient Processes

    Excellent Products

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