The Marieholm Tunnel in Gothenburg is a road tunnel with three lanes in each direction. The 306 m long immersed tunnel section crosses the Gota älv river. An important boundary condition to take into consideration during the execution was not to negatively affect the sensitive ecosystem of the river. The tunnel has a planned service life of 120 years.
The tunnel was constructed as an immersed tunnel. For this, three tunnel sections each more than 100 m long were produced in a dry dock, then brought into their final position and lowered to the riverbed. The dry dock directly extended from the course of the tunnel. After completion of the three tunnel segments, the tunnel access section was realized in this dry dock using the cut-and-cover construction method.

Our Passion for Tunnels

We empower tunnel construction for a connected future. PERI Tunnel Solutions are designed to be safe, efficient, and flexible, providing formidable and cleverly adjustable structures. 

Our expertise spans through various tunnel types: from immersed tunnels, where prefabricated segments are carefully positioned underwater, to mining tunnels that require protective layers. 

The infrastructure we provide are based on standard VARIOKIT elements and thus can largely be rented as well as combined easily with other PERI Systems. We also offer customised solutions and services with our partner KERN Tunneltechnik.

Versatile Tunnel Solutions

Tunnels are marvellous works of engineering. Built under rock, earth or water, they connect cities, regions and even countries. Our systems and services support the fast, safe and economical construction of tunnels.

The urban railway tunnel "Erdinger Ringschluss" is part of the new 26-km-long rail line connecting the city of Munich with the Munich Airport.

Tunnels are an integral part of our society. They have been built for thousands of years to make our lives easier and faster and allow for an improvement of our societies. Tunnels are ways to connect people.

Overcoming obstacles and finding solutions is part of our DNA, this is also one of the reasons why we love the construction of tunnels. No matter what method is used, we strive to find the best way for your tunneling project.

PERI Standard Tunnel Solutions

PERI standard tunnel solutions for cut-and-cover and mining construction methods allow for easy and safe construction. Additionally, they are adaptable to numerous requirements. A lot of our tunnelling systems are also rentable.

KERN Special Tunnel Solutions

For many mining tunnel projects, standard solutions cannot cover all requirements. With our Partner KERN Tunneltechnik, we provide solutions that go beyond what standard systems can achieve.


The 7 km long west section of the Thames Tideway Tunnel from Acton Storm Tanks site in West London towards Carnwath Road Riverside in South West London was supported by KERN Tunneltechnik.
KERN Tunneltechnik has engineered and supplied the automated tunnel formwork system with live data analysis and PLC control units, comprising of 6 hydrostatic shutters, to support these works. The fullround formworks with a diameter of 6.5 m have been moved and set by 2 multifunction gantries. The system has been completely pre-assembled and tested at KTS.
Recognizing the importance of digitalisation, KERN is at the forefront of introducing smart tunnel construction technologies. The focus on process simulation and system automation ensures predicting, planning, and executing projects with unprecedented accuracy and efficiency. Additionally, the KERN commitment to off-site training empowers our workforce with the knowledge and skills necessary to work with these technologies effectively, setting new benchmarks in civil infrastructure.
Outstanding engineering and supply project by KERN for Gubrist Tunnel renovation with logistic bridge and transport system: Invert casting, culvert placement crane with manipulator, transport by MSG-01.

Leading the Way in Tunnel Construction Innovation

Together with KERN Tunneltechnik, a member of the PERI Group, we embody a vision that sets us apart in the tunnelling infrastructure industry. For your project, this means that in addition to our standard solutions, you can now also obtain KERN customised solutions. These include innovative machines, technologies and services. 

From fully automated formwork and logistics systems to backup equipment and special service machinery, our portfolio is designed to cover the entire lifecycle of a project. This includes design, production, on-site installation, and project supervision. With respect to digitialisation, we are at the forefront of introducing smart tunnel construction technologies. 

From the initial concept to the installation of the complete system, our team of experts ensures that our overall solutions meet the highest industry standards.

International Tunnel Projects

Our solutions are tailored to the requirements of our customers, optimise material consumption and construction progress, and also ensure increased cost security. With our profound expertise, we offer you professional support throughout the entire course of the project.


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