Passion for Bridges

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In our perspective, bridges transcend their technical definitions of concrete, steel, or wood structures. We see the dedication of construction workers, the meticulous engineer planning and the countless successful projects completed with our customers. 

To erect these iconic structures of societal importance, we offer a wide range of PERI Systems as well as tailor-made Solutions to ensure your project’s success. 

When Architecture meets Engineering

What makes bridges special

In our everyday lives, civil engineering structures are indispensable yet very often, we take them for granted without actually thinking about the ingenious work that underlies them. Bridge construction not only creates useful structures, but often also iconic landmarks such as the Millau Viaduct near Montpellier, the Bosphorus Bridge in Istanbul or the Puente de la Mujer in Buenos Aires.

Sava Bridge, Šabac, Serbia
New building Terminal 3, Airport, Frankfurt/Main, Germany

At PERI, we have a long-standing experience in civil engineering projects and bring together innovative products with the knowledge of our engineers – to create individual solutions for your project. Advances in physics in general and civil engineering in particular are one of the central forces for us to evolve constantly. Because we know: Every bridge is different – due to its indidvidual design and the geographical and geological conditions.

Our solutions for bridge construction

Formwork, Scaffolding and Engineering from a single source

Modern construction types and methods allow the implementation of the most demanding architectural designs. Our reliable and safe solutions streamline work processes and allow construction to progress quickly. The technical solutions are tailored to the requirements of our customers, optimise material consumption and construction progress, and also ensure increased cost security. With our profound expertise, we offer you professional support throughout the entire course of the project.

International Bridge Projects

Whether complex geometries or surfaces to the highest quality standards: our results are evident in many successfully completed major projects around the globe.

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