PERI Australia supported the scaffolding contractor with a comprehensive planning solution for the up to 20 m high load-bearing shoring and working scaffold up to 85 m long. Thanks to the lightweight system components, the scaffolding could be erected and dismantled without a crane – so that the restricted crane availability did not jeopardize the scheduled completion date.
Ergonomic in all respects
MAXIMO Panel Formwork
PERI employee working in the production of panel formwork parts.
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    Chadstone Shopping Centre, Melbourne, Australia


    Universally applicable DUO panel formwork

  • MAXIMO Panel Formwork

    The system with one-sided tie technology

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Project of the month

PERI UP for an architectural highlight ”Down Under“

Chadstone Shopping Centre, Melbourne


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MAXIMO Panel Formwork

Due to the innovative tie technology and optimized number of tie points, working time values for the system are verifiably up to 50% less.

MAXIMO Panel Formwork

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Worldwide, residential and industrial buildings, bridges and tunnels as well as cultural sites are being realized on a daily basis. During the construction and upkeep of all structures, construction site personnel are often exposed to difficult conditions. At the same time, they are responsible for the quality, safety and durability regarding the execution. And it is thanks only to their day-to-day commitment and experience that projects are successfully realized in spite of extremely tight schedules and high cost pressures. We at PERI make every effort to support our customers in the best possible way.

Jürgen Pischof, Site Manager

"With SKYDECK, we have exactly the right slab formwork system for our construction project – the drophead for early striking as well as the simple and easy handling have really convinced us. And the MAXIMO wall formwork is 25 per cent faster than conventional panel formwork systems; the one-sided anchoring in particular saves a great deal of time."
Jürgen Pischof | Site Manager

Project report

Ing. William Low, Project Manager; Rimbaco Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia

"For the team it was the first time they used system formwork. Compared to the use of conventional formwork we were able to save around 50 % of working time. Especially the straightforward application is to be emphasised. The whole team quickly understood the system and worked with little training."
William Low | Project Manager

Project report

David Langford, Site Manager

"The collaboration between Lend Lease Structures and PERI to develop a system which accommodated our comprehensive safety requirements was greatly appreciated. PERI has worked closely with us and their continued site service has been a valuable resource when called upon. The added benefit of hydraulics on the LPS system enabled us to free up crane time and helped us in achieving our tight programme."
David Langford | Site Manager

Project report

Dotan Hazan, Project Manager at Ashtrom Construction and Electra Construction Ltd. Joint Venture

"A starting point of any achievement is passion. Less passion will achieve fewer results, same as small fire will provide less warmth. At PERI we found passion for professionalism and providing the best service. Mutual passion for excellence creates success."
Dotan Hazan | Project Manager

Project report

More customer reviews
Al Hamra Tower - Project Manager Hani Abu-Haidar

"The PERI systems were easily adapted to suit the constantly changing geometry of the Al Hamra Towers. The SCS and ACS climbing systems were easy to handle and featured high safety standards.  In addition, the RCS Climbing Protection Panel provided safe working conditions. With SKYDECK, the slabs could easily be formed by hand even during strong winds which reduced crane requirements. Altogether, the PERI systems made it possible to have an 8-day cycle and have greatly contributed to the success of the Al Hamra project."
Hani Abu-Haidar | Project Manager

Project report

Statement of Michael Stodt, Head of Aircraft Structural Testing at IBAG, about the scaffolding system PERIup from PERI.

"The recipe for success is the modularity and adaptability of the PERI UP scaffolding system – as well as the combinability with other products in the PERI portfolio. Furthermore, the project support provided by the PERI engineers was very professional and extremely positive."
Michael Stodt | Head of Aircraft Structural Testing at IBAG

Project report

PERI project - Harpe Bru, Sør-Fron (Oppland), Norway

"The chosen solution of using VBC Balanced Cantilevered Carriages proved itself to be correct. Thanks to the high flexibility of the system, we could optimize our project so that the workload necessary to pour each segment was as short as possible. It also had a measurable influence on the assumed schedule."
Mariusz Urbanski | Construction Manager

Project report

Pamela Marshall, Project Manager

"PERI is and has been an effective, proactive partner in developing successful solutions for a very complex architecturally exposed feature structure on a highly visible project. PERI understood the challenges, and implemented a dedicated support team – engineering, sales, and field – that is a significant factor in Baker’s success on the structure. PERI’s team and orientation towards service makes us feel as if this project is their most important!"
Pamela Marshall | Project Manager

Project report

Kyle Morden, Construction Manager, NWR Edmonton

"There are a number of challenges in the industry, period just in regards to cost. With PERI UP system scaffold we get the usually in the scaffolding market high direct labor cost down. The partnership and the support has been absolutely phenomenal – to ensure that the productivity and efficiency has all been met and our targets are on track."
Kyle Morden | Construction Manager

Project Report

Picture of Pedro Letelier, project leader at Galilea S.A. Ingeniería y Construcción, Talca

"The market for houses in concrete construction will grow enormously in the years to come – and PERI is perfectly prepared for this with the UNO system. We have compared several systems and then decided in favor of PERI because of the simplicity and speed. We yield excellent results – also thanks to the customized support."
Pedro Letelier | Project leader

Project report

Site manager for the erection of the PERI LGS Weather Protection Roof for the production hall in Gerolzhofen.

"The LGS installation using ridge clasp and roles is absolutely convincing. In addition, PERI engineers demonstrated speed in their planning skills  - size, planning, statics and assembly had to be adhered to a tight schedule."
Thorsten Wahner | Site Manager and General Manager

Project report

Portrait of Bernward Stube, Director (Dulan) and Abhimandran Harendran, Project Coordinator (Yongnam)

"PERI UP Flex has proven to be a safe, flexible and productive system which supports and facilitates the installation of the structural steel roof for the stadium of the Singapore Sports Hub."
Bernward Stube | Director
Evans Baek | Project Coordinator

Project report