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3D Construction Printing

We firmly believe that 3D construction printing will revolutionise the construction industry due to its ability to expedite the industrialisation of the construction process. The objective of constructing a greater number of buildings in a shorter space of time at a lower cost is what fuels our desire to make this technology a commercial success.

By adding more intelligent designs and an optimised use of materials to the mix, 3D construction printing can also pave the way for a built environment with greater sustainability.

Building rethought

We revolutionize the way we build today by combining 3D construction printing technology with deep construction know-how

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    Why 3D construction printing

    In light of the global developments of "labor and housing shortages", increasing productivity is a significant challenge for the construction industry. 3D construction printing technology addresses precisely these issues. Our focus is primarily on the segments of residential construction and individual prefabricated parts. Utilizing the COBOD BOD2, the fastest printer on the market, we are set for a promising future.

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    Why 3D printing solutions by PERI?

    We have not only printed Germany’s first home but also Europe’s largest 3D-printed apartment building. As of right now, we successfully completed six projects on two continents and continue to grow rapidly.

New possibilities thanks to 3D Construction Printing