Airbus A350 XWB Test Stand

Within a 2-3 year period, a total of 86,400 flights are simulated which is three times the expected service life. The PERI UP working scaffold allows test preparations as well as continuous measurement and inspection work to be carried out during the EF-2 testing phase.
PERI provided the scaffolding solution for the second endurance test.
Ideal system combination: PERI UP, RCS climbing rails, VARIOKIT engineering construction kit
Convenient access means included with the PERI UP scaffold solution
Standard-to-standard connections as well as leg-to-standard connections of the PERI Up system allow flexibility.

Project data

Location: Erding, Germany

  • Approval tests on the new wide-bodied Airbus A350 XWB in a specially erected testing facility
  • Scaffold solution for test preparations as well as continuous measurement and inspection work
  • Time-consuming fatigue tests on the fuselage and wings through a simulation of 86,400 flights (equivalent to three times the expected service life) within a period of 2-3 years
  • Two different endurance tests: EF-2 test (middle fuselage section including centre wing box and both wings) and EW test (systematic application of stress on the wing up to the analytical breaking load point)


  • Working scaffold for unrestricted access to the pieces being tested
  • Realization of different platform levels at heights between 7.00 m and 10.50 m
  • Modifications could be carried out to the load-bearing steel construction as well as the 88 inclined-arranged hydraulic cylinders
  • 2.5 kN/m² live load


Client: IABG Industrieanlagen-Betriebsgesellschaft mbH, Ottobrunn

Scaffold Contractor: Kerscher Gerüstbau, Atting/Rinkam

Customer's benefit

  • Optimal adjustment of the working levels required for the fuselage and wings – whilst taking into account the steel and hydraulic constructions as well as ensuring that all access points were kept clear
  • Modifications with system components in 25-cm increments – without any time-consuming tube-and-coupler assembly
  • Reduced surface weight
  • System combination of PERI UP with VARIOKIT
Statement of Michael Stodt, Head of Aircraft Structural Testing at IBAG, about the scaffolding system PERIup from PERI.
Michael Stodt
Head of Aircraft Structural Testing at IBAG

The recipe for success is the modularity and adaptability of the PERI UP scaffolding system – as well as the combinability with other products in the PERI portfolio. Furthermore, the project support provided by the PERI engineers was very professional and extremely positive.

PERI solution

  • 3D scaffold planning with the help of PERI CAD identified all obstructions and minimized these well in advance
  • Scaffold basic grid: 2.00 m x 1.50 m
  • Detailed and early coordination of the scaffolding concept with the users and scaffold erection team
  • VARIOKIT bridging construction above the wings
  • Integrated stair access with 1 m wide flights of stairs