RUNDFLEX Plus Circular Formwork

RUNDFLEX Plus Circular Formwork: With its adjustable standard panels, RUNDFLEX Plus avoids cost-intensive reassembly or special formwork modifications.
RUNDFLEX Plus Circular Formwork: The working platforms can be securely mounted to the horizontally-positioned panels. The pre-assembled platforms suit all radii.
With RUNDFLEX Plus, the formlining is screwed on at the rear. This results in high-quality concrete surfaces without any screw or rivet impressions.
A complete working and concreting scaffold programme with platforms, guardrails and access ladders ensure safe working conditions with the RUNDFLEX Plus.
Only a few spindles are used for the rough adjustment of the RUNDFLEX Plus; this can also be done even with fully-assembled platforms.


Being fully equipped with platforms, guardrails and access ladders, constructing circular walls with RUNDFLEX Plus is a particularly safe undertaking. The formlining is screwed on at the rear as far as possible ensuring that very good surface qualities are achieved. Radii greater than 2.50 m are continuously adjustable with RUNDFLEX Plus which means costly modifications are not necessary.

Efficient and rational working operations
with a low number of spindles, easy radii adjustment as well as fast connections and extensions

Low number of ties
with only 0.54 ties per m² of wall area

Safe working conditions
with a complete platform system

Technical Details

  • Pre-assembled formwork panels for circular walls with diameters larger than 2.50 m
  • Panel heights up to 3.60 m, panel widths up to 2.50 m (external radius)
  • Maximum permissible fresh concrete pressure: 60 kN/m²
  • Panel connections and compensations up to 10 cm with the BFD Alignment Coupler