VARIOKIT Cantilevered Parapet Carriage VGW

Movable carriage on the bridge superstructure which does not require any anchoring in the structure.


The VGW cantilevered parapet carriage is a formwork carriage which is mostly used for the fabrication and refurbishment of outer and centered cantilevered parapets, starting from a superstructure length of more than 150 m. The carriage running on the finished superstructure usually has a formwork length of 22 m. It can be used flexibly at the bridge edge – no matter whether there are interruptions below the cantilever or not.

Setting and striking in just a few steps. 

Quickly ready for use
Effective erection with fitted bolt connections

Rentable, project-specific modification of the formwork carriage to the structural geometry and the construction progress based on the modular principle.

Technical Details

  • Standard deployment is with 4 carriages of 5.50 m each
  • With this configuration, parapets can be realized up to a height of w/h = 50/80 cm. For this, the ballast is merely modified for the respective loads.
  • Larger parapets can be realized thanks to the VARIOKIT modular construction kit as well as by simply changing the geometry on the carriage.