PERI InSite Construction

PERI InSite Construction

The solution for optimised concreting processes

As a provider of comprehensive solutions along the entire value chain, PERI has the complete concreting process in mind and, with PERI InSite Construction (ISC), is presenting a sensor portfolio at bauma 2022 that optimally complements common formwork systems. 

Thanks to digital temperature monitoring, concrete maturity determination and concrete pressure monitoring, the sensor technology comes into play exactly where highly qualified workers and many years of concreting experience are in scarce supply and supports site personnel in making well-founded decisions about the concreting process. For example, the optimal striking time can thus be made on the basis of meaningful real-time data, without having to rely on tables and empirical values. Furthermore, the digital concrete analysis is in the spirit of sustainability, as even modified and adapted concrete formulations can be analysed without any problems.

The portfolio includes various solutions for applications along the concreting process, such as temperature monitoring, concrete maturity determination and concrete pressure monitoring. All applications have one thing in common: they optimise the concreting process on the construction site and help to save time and costs. The key: a measuring device, a cloud and the respective sensors. All sensors are easy to use, compatible with all common formwork systems and allow real-time analysis of the collected concrete data using the ISC Web Application.

Learn more about the PERI InSite Construction sensor portfolio:

  • PERI InSite Construction - ISC Temperature Monitoring and Concrete Maturity Kit
    ISC Temperature Monitoring and Concrete Maturity Kit
    The ISC Temperature Monitoring and Concrete Maturity Kit allows the monitoring of the temperature in the concrete and determination of the resulting strength. This can optimise the utilisation of the formwork and can shorten operating times. Compared to conventional methods, no costly and time consuming reading and recording of the measuring points is required during the concreting process.
  • PERI InSite Construction - ISC Pressure Monitoring Set
    ISC Pressure Monitoring Set
    The ISC Pressure Monitoring Set improves the level of safety during the concreting process by determining the concrete pressure acting on the formwork in real time. This ensures optimum utilisation of the formwork, reduces costs and minimises the risk of formwork breaks and deformations.
  • PERI InSite Construction - ISC Filling Detection Set
    ISC Filling Detection Set
    The ISC Filling Detection Set measures the concrete level even in hard-to-reach areas of the formwork and minimises the risk of gaps between the concrete and adjacent components. This ensures a high concrete quality.
  • PERI InSite Construction - ISC SONO WZ Analyser
    ISC SONO WZ Analyser
    The ISC SONO WZ Analyser is used for efficient determination of the water-cement ratio in fresh concrete and provides reliable measurement results using innovative TRIME® radar technology. The measurement is carried out in only a few minutes thanks to the simple and structured procedure – without any complicated test set-up process. This leads to considerable time savings compared to measurements with the Darr method.
  • PERI InSite Construction - ISC Web Application
    ISC Web Application
    With the ISC Web Application, the real-time data collected by the sensors can be analysed. Thanks to the responsive design, access is possible from various end devices regardless of location. With its simple, digital reporting function, the web application minimises the amount of documentation work required.

The new ISC Hub

At bauma, PERI will be presenting the new ISC Hub for the first time, which will make data collection even easier from now on. The simple and handy control unit makes it possible to take several measurements and measurement types at once. While the SONO WZ Water-Content Analyser displays the measurement results directly on the hand-held device, the three sensors for monitoring concrete strength, concrete pressure and concrete detection are connected by cable to a reusable transmitter unit, the ISC Node, which communicates with the ISC Hub. The Hub in turn transmits the collected data to a cloud solution, where the user can retrieve it in real time. For optimised data collection during the entire concreting process, several nodes can be connected to the ISC Hub at the same time.

At bauma, PERI experts will explain the functionality of the PERI InSite Construction portfolio on a replica of the piers and tunnel formwork carriage of the 485-m-long Filstal Bridge in Mühlhausen im Täle, Germany.

PERI InSite Construction

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