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Moselle Lock, Trier, Germany

Project data

Location: Trier, Germany

  • New, second Moselle lock with a total length of 312 m from intake to outlet structure
  • Positioned next to the existing 170 m long lock facility, the new lock chamber is 216 m long and features a usable width of 12.60 m and a height of 12.70 m
  • Filling and emptying by means of longitudinal channels on both sides together with transversely-positioned branch channels
  • Large-scale jobsite whereby around 45,000 m³ of concrete was processed during the construction period of almost 1.5 years


  • Reinforced concrete structure with massive component dimensions and a high level of reinforcement, realized at a depth of 15 m within bored pile walls
  • Demanding construction project whereby numerous mounting parts and strict tolerance specifications had to be taken into consideration
  • In particular, the formwork and reinforcement work presented a major challenge


Hochtief Infrastructure GmbH, Germany Southwest Office

Customer's benefit

  • Compliance with the required accuracies and short construction schedule by means of the formwork concept with a high degree of prefabrication
  • High degree of accuracy and easy handling of the prefabricated formwork elements
  • Realization of complex structural geometries by means of 3D boxed elements
  • Support for all technical, commercial and logistical tasks provided by a PERI project coordinator
  • Efficient and safe handling of the formwork and scaffolding systems from the start due to the on-demand support given to the construction site team by the PERI supervisor
Portrait of Udo Töben, Senior Foreman at Hochtief Infrastructure GmbH, Germany Southwest Office
Udo Töben
Senior Foreman

This construction site is yet again another highlight for me. The lock facility was a demanding construction project whereby numerous mounting parts with very tight tolerance specifications had to be considered. The coordination was perfect: PERI supplied the formwork elements completely prefabricated - and there was no component that didn´t fit. My appreciation goes out to all PERI engineers who worked with us with their high level of technical understanding – a big thank you. The collaboration could not have been better.

PERI solution

  • Comprehensive overall solution with a project-specific formwork and scaffolding concept based on close cooperation with the project management
  • Pre-fabrication of all recess units and timber formers at PERI´s assembly hall; these were used, for example, for intake funnels, gate recesses and floating bollards – designed for providing efficient striking operations as well as ensuring reusability.
  • Just-in-time deliveries of precisely pre-fabricated formwork elements – quantities and timing matched to construction site requirements
  • Comprehensive, continuous on-site support
  • PERI project coordinator for coordinating the planning and assembly work as well as ensuring punctual supply of materials
  • PERI supervisor for briefing site personnel on the correct and safe handling of the systems and special formwork used in the project