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Daugava Hydroelectric Power Station, Belarus

Project data

Location: Polotsk, Belarus

The 22-MW hydroelectric power station in the vicinity of Polotsk in the north of Belarus is one of a total of four planned barrages of the Western Dvina river. 140,000 m³ of concrete will be used on a construction area of 61 hectares over a construction period of six years. The complex shape of the building with massive reinforced concrete structures and heights up to 29 m represent enormous challenges for everyone involved in the project.


  • Fabrication of strongly protruding concrete construction parts
  • Sophisticated concrete structures with heights up to 29 m
  • Reinforced concrete pillars widening in the upper area
  • Transition from square-shaped to circular discharge unit cross-section


Minskpromstroy, Minsk

Customer's benefit

  • The detailed PERI cycle plan leads to an optimization of system utilization.
  • Reduction of necessary material and costs to a minimum and at the same time increased efficiency.
  • Highest flexibility and modularity of the PERI systems in combination with technical support by PERI specialists throughout the whole construction phase.
Portrait of Yuri Cherniak and Andrei Smouzh, Site Managers, Minskpromstroy, Minsk
Yuri Cherniak and Andrei Smouzh
Site Managers

The VARIO, TRIO, MULTIPROP and PERI UP systems used on our jobsite allowed us to realize very challenging concrete structures in superb quality and the shortest possible construction time. Many thanks to PERI for many years of partnership-based cooperation.

PERI solution

  • The tried and tested wall formwork systems TRIO and VARIO, the modular-type shoring systems MULTIPROP and PERI UP as well as CB climbing platforms and VARIOKIT system components form the basis for the PERI formwork and scaffolding solution.
  • 3D formwork particularly designed for the project ensures high dimensional accuracy for the discharge unit structures.
  • MULTIPROP and PERI UP reliably transfer high loads from great heights to the underground.
  • The 3D tunnel formwork design based on VARIOKIT system parts allows for the dimensionally accurate fabrication of the transition from the square-shaped to the circular cross-section of the discharge unit.
  • PERI plans and delivers customized solutions for the complex building geometries.
  • First single-sided, than double-sided use of the wall formwork elements with ties and then later as tunnel formwork.
  • System parts of the tunnel formwork are used in the shoring for the pillar cantilevers.