Czajka Sewage Plant

Czajka Sewage Plant, Warsaw, Poland - In a construction time of only two years, a total of 120 individual structures were built on an area equivalent to 80 football pitches.
Czajka Sewage Plant, Warsaw, Poland - The TRIO, VARIO GT 24 and RUNDFLEX wall formwork systems could be optimally combined  with the PERI UP scaffolding system for forming the high walls.
Czajka Sewage Plant, Warsaw, Poland - The large-scale sewage treatment facility in Czajka features complex individual structures with very impressive dimensions.
Czajka Sewage Plant, Warsaw, Poland - For the 8 m to 11 m high reinforced concrete walls, PERI developed a cost-effective formwork and scaffolding concept.
Czajka Sewage Plant, Warsaw, Poland - Equipped with complete platform systems, the straight and circular wall sections were safely and quickly constructed with VARIO and RUNDFLEX. PERI UP reinforcement scaffold and stair towers ideally supplemented the PERI concept in this case.

Project data

Location: Warsaw, Poland

Poland's largest sewage treatment plant of 600,000 m² with a purification capacity of 450,000 m³/day.


  • short construction period of 2 years for 120 complex individual structures with differing tank designs and heights.
  • highest safety requirements


Warbud S.A., Warsaw

Customer's benefit

  • reduced labour costs thanks to accelerated construction process
  • compliance with high safety requirements
Konrad Szopa, Site Manager South Section, Statement
Konrad Szopa
Site Manager South Section

With such a large-scale project, having a competent formwork partner is extremely important.  The co-operation with PERI ensured adherence to the strictest safety requirements and, at the same time, reduced the labour costs.

PERI solution

  • Complete TRIO, VARIO GT 24 and RUNDFLEX wall formwork systems with all necessary working platforms, access ladders and guardrails
  • PERI UP reinforcement scaffold units guarantee safe working
  • PERI UP stair towers for convenient access