Alon Towers „BSR Center TLV“

 Skyline of Tel Aviv with a view of the construction site for the Alon Towers
The 164 m high twin towers (Alon Towers "BSR Center TLV", Tel Aviv, Israel), PERI Climbing Formwork and Protection Panels
The self-climbing ACS P Platform variant has been adapted to suit the core ground plan while suspended DOMINO elements are being used for subsequent construction of the intermediate walls.
Alon Towers „BSR Center TLV“, Tel Aviv, Israel: The RCS Climbing Protection Panel units climb crane-independently with the help of mobile self-climbing devices
Alon Towers „BSR Center TLV“, Tel Aviv, Israel - specially designed corner platforms which are based on system equipment

Project data

Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

  • "BSR Center TLV“ modern office complex with two symmetrically arranged 164 m high twin towers
  • X-shaped facade design, both towers taper to the halfway point and then widen again to the top


  • Simple, safe and fast formwork solution taking into account the cost-effectiveness
  • High quality and safety standards as well as a tight construction schedule with limited crane capacity and time-critical reinforcement work
  • Forward and reverse-inclined facade with a change in the angle of inclination at a height of 80 m


Ashtrom Construction and Electra Construction Ltd. Joint Venture

Customer's benefit

  • Efficient work operations also at great heights, protected against the wind and concealed from view to the greatest possible extent as well as being crane and weather-independent
  • Compliance with the high quality and safety standards as well as the tight construction schedule
Dotan Hazan, Project Manager at Ashtrom Construction and Electra Construction Ltd. Joint Venture
Dotan Hazan
Project Manager

A starting point of any achievement is passion. Less passion will achieve fewer results, same as small fire will provide less warmth. At PERI we found passion for professionalism and providing the best service. Mutual passion for excellence creates success.

PERI solution

  • Cost-effective implementation concept
  • Optimally matched ACS and RCS Self-Climbing Systems as well as crane-climbed CB Platforms while taking into account the limited crane capacity
  • Construction of the high-rise cores in 2 consecutive sections respectively; the cycle sequence is tailored to suit the execution of time-critical reinforcement work
  • Circumferential enclosure and anti-fall protection with mobile self-climbing devices for the RCS Protection Panel units
  • Protection panel solution with integrated landing platforms for temporary material storage and for easy moving of loads with the crane
  • Specially designed corner platforms on the basis of system equipment for forming the oblique-angled building corners - due to the facade inclinations
  • PERI comprehensive package with planning services, on-site support and logistics