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Power plant Belchatow, Poland

Power plant Belchatow, Poland - The two-storey supporting structure, with a height of 25 metres, accommodates the sorption installation for the flue gas desulphurisation.
Power plant Belchatow, Poland - The modular MULTIPROP system and the ST 100 stacking towers were ideally combined. Rentable SRZ and SRU steel walers taken from the VARIO wall formwork programme were used for load distribution.
Power plant Belchatow, Poland - Four reinforced concrete rings, each with a 6 m internal radius, served to accommodate the 55 m high steel containers which contain the sorbent.
Power plant Belchatow, Poland - The 3 m thick reinforced concrete bearing for the turbo-generator was installed at a height of 18 m - for this, HD 200 heavy-duty props were combined with HDT main beams.
Power plant Belchatow, Poland - Combined HD 200 prop segments made of steel and aluminium allowed loads to be reliably and effectively transferred. At the same time, this created more working space and shortened assembly times.
Power plant Belchatow, Poland - The 1.40 x 1.40 m column cross-sections were formed with TRIO. For the reinforcement work and forming operations, PERI UP reinforcement scaffold – supported on MULTIPROP towers – provide maximum safety.

Project data

Location: Belchatow, Poland

Combustion gas desulphurisation sorption plant of the lignite-fired power plant Belchatow. Largest lignite-fired power plant in Europe with an electrical capacity of 4,700 MW.

Construction period: 2008-2011


  • two-storey supporting structure with massive reinforced concrete parts while adhering to tiny dimensional tolerances for the acceptance of 55 m high steel silos
  • transfer of high loads in great heights


Alstom S.A. (general contractor);
Budimex-Dromex S.A., Krakow (structural work)

Customer's benefit

  • execution in short construction time
  • avoidance of additional temporary support
Eugeniusz Koper
Project leader

Poland’s largest foundation for turbo generators is part of the new Belchatow power plant block. In cooperation with Budimex-Dromex, PERI worked out a technically sophisticated shoring solution. The PERI systems, in connection with the excellent logistical service, enabled us to carry out the construction work in a short time.

PERI solution

  • shoring solution for 25-80 cm thick slabs and 2.20-3.20 m high beams as well as massive reinforced concrete rings
  • logistics service
  • combination of the shoring systems MULTIPROP, ST 100 and HD 200
  • MP towers set into each other
  • load distribution via girder grids to the beams of the intermediate ceiling