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Dedusting System for Blast Furnace 9, Germany

Jobsite with scaffolds and crane at the building of the dedusting system of blast furnace 9 of ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe in Duisburg
Use of PERI UP Rosett Flex and the VARIOKIT modular system components for insulation work on the dedusting system of blast furnace 9.
Assembly of the VARIOKIT truss framework for the insulation work on the casthouse dedusting system of blast furnace 9 of ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe in order to provide safe access to plant parts.
Erected PERI UP Rosett Flex scaffold with VARIOKIT on the facade of blast furnace 9 of ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe in Duisburg
Assembled PERI UP Rosett Flex scaffolding system on the facade of blast furnace 9 of ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe in Duisburg, taken from a worm’s-eye view.

Project data

Location: Duisburg, Germany

ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe operates a total of four own blast furnaces at its site in Duisburg, Germany. Blast furnace 9 originates from 1962 and was already completely revamped and enlarged in 1987. In 2012, it was again shut down and brought up-to-date with the latest technology. During this refurbishment, the dedusting system of the casthouse received new insulation. Blast furnace 9 started operation again in 2015. 


  • High safety standards had to be consistently adhered to during modernization, both regarding the erection of the scaffold as well as its utilization.
  • Almost limitless possibilities to combine all system components of the scaffolds during the insulation work were expected. And all this at a cost-effective price.


Intering GmbH, Scaffolding department, Leuna, Germany

Customer's benefit

  • Optimal work conditions
  • Highest degree of safety thanks to the extremely flexible system scaffolding
  • Flexible adjustment to local conditions without time-consuming tube and fitting system
  • Use of system steel beams from the PERI rental park considerably reduces the amount of material and the time and effort spent on erection or dismantling.
Picture of Heiko Neie, foreman at Intering GmbH, Scaffolding department, Leuna, Germany
Heiko Neie

With PERI UP Flex, the most suitable grid dimensions can always be realized and it is 100 % compatible with other PERI system components. And the integrated protection against lifting in the steel decks fully complies with our high safety requirements.

PERI solution

  • Project-specific, adjusted work scaffold based on two compatible modular-type kit systems: PERI UP and VARIOKIT. Both systems are based on standardized, metric grid dimensions.
  • The scaffold with a 5-cm grid in longitudinal, horizontal and vertical direction renders the use of the system scaffold extremely flexible and allows for almost any type of adjustment to the local conditions.
  • Integrated stair towers with 75 cm wide aluminum stair brackets ensure safe and fast access to all floors.
  • Steel decks are immediately secured against lifting off without any effort by the integrated lock against lift off.
  • The ”Gravity Lock“ provides automatic locking when placing the ledger into the rosettes of the standards.