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“Ypsilon“ Residential and Office Building, Ulm, Germany

Project data

Location: Ulm, Germany

  • 10-storey tower structure reaching a height of 35 m as well as an adjacent 7-storey lateral tract and 2 underground parking levels
  • 6,300 m² usable floor space for retail outlets, offices, micro apartments and flats
  • Central location at Ehinger Tor, an important public transport hub
  • Modern cityscape with rounded building corners and aluminum facade as a striking gateway to Ulm's city centre
  • Topping-out ceremony in July 2018, completion in February 2019
  • Building geometry with trapezoidal tower ground plan and adjoining lateral tract resembles a horizontally-positioned "Y"


  • Challenging building geometry with inclined walls and corner roundings with different radii
  • The inner-city construction work in parallel with the tramway expansion project was associated with a tight schedule for construction site logistics
  • The directly adjacent local traffic operations were not allowed to be affected
  • Cantilevering floors on the north side extending over a publicly accessible area
  • Confined construction site in an inner-city location
  • Increased safety requirements in order to protect passers-by
  • Time-consuming building foundations by means of 25 m long bored piles


Scaffolding Contractor

Schäfer Gerüstbau GmbH, Region Ulm

General Contractor

Matthäus Schmid GmbH & Co. KG, Mietingen-Baltringen


Munk Bauen & Wohnen GmbH, Ulm

Customer's benefit

  • Completion of structural work in 22 months, within the planned budget and time frame, and without any work-related accidents
  • The integrated protection against lifting made it possible to easily remove the PERI UP Easy decking and thus open and close scaffold bays in order to be able to bring in large-sized facade elements
  • Virtually tool-free scaffold assembly
  • The system-integrated guardrail in advance allowed scaffolding assembly without any additional PPE resulting in less stress on the body and comfortable freedom of movement
  • With both guardrails mounted from below, an additional working step was saved
  • Console bracket extensions and ledgers for prefabricated shoring towers could be attached directly to the nodes of the Easy standards
  • Modular H-variant with Easy standards increases the flexibility of PERI UP Easy
Picture of Florian Beyer, foreman at Schäfer Gerüstbau GmbH, Ulm region
Florian Beyer

I have been working in scaffolding construction since 2004 and have already worked with all systems on the market. After a short familiarisation period, I like to work very much with PERI UP Easy. The tool-less assembly is first-class and, thanks to the system-integrated guardrail in advance, is used without any PPE resulting in less stress on the body.

Picture of Naim Dacaj, foreman for structural engineering at Matthäus Schmid GmbH & Co. KG, Mietingen-Baltringen
Naim Dacaj
Building Construction Foreman

In spite of the challenging building geometry, we were able to work quickly and safely thanks to the PERI UP Easy scaffold which was assembled in line with construction progress. We finished on schedule – and without a single work-related accident.

PERI solution

  • PERI UP Easy Facade Scaffold served as work and safety scaffolding – assembled in line with construction progress – for facilitating the safe execution of the shell and facades
  • A pedestrian tunnel was integrated in the scaffolding solution
  • One basic scaffold for the shell construction through to completion without any complicated modification work (adaptation only with console brackets)
  • The reinforced concrete walls were formed using the single-sided PERI MAXIMO Panel Formwork