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SPRM Administration Building, Malaysia

Three elevated high-rise structures for the new SPRM administrative centre. PERI supported the construction progress with an efficient climbing solution, complex shoring construction along with a comprehensive range of services.
Working scaffold, bracing and shoring all rolled into one: PERI UP subsequently followed as birdcage scaffold within the cycle of the RCS Climbing Formwork.
On the basis of the RCS Rail Climbing System, the inclined circular columns could be efficiently constructed.
The floor slabs above the 1.80 m thick intermediate slab were constructed very cost-effectively with PD 8 shoring towers and large-sized slab tables.
Cantilever-mounted landing platforms served as temporary storage areas and for moving loads with the crane.

Project data

Location: Putrajaya, Malaysia

  • Elevated skyscraper complex consisting of 3 high-rise buildings with up to 30 storeys
  • New administrative headquarters of the SPRM authority


  • Extraordinary architecture featuring elevated sections on delicate inclined supports with heights reaching between 20 m and 40 m
  • Massive, up to 1.80 m thick intermediate slab at a height of over 40 m
  • Flexible adaptation of the working scaffold and shoring to suit a wide range of set-up heights, complex geometries and high loads
  • Extremely tight construction schedule


Mitrajaya Bhd., Puchong

Customer's benefit

  • Safe and time-saving construction through individual, project-specific planning service
  • Efficient realization of the vertical reinforced concrete components and the circular inclined supports with an individually planned combination of different climbing systems
  • Safe transfer of the concreting loads from the slab at heights of up to 40 m
  • Working and access levels in all areas of the birdcage scaffold through integrated PERI UP staircase units
  • Maintaining the tight construction schedule
Picture of Mr. Leslie Lim, Project Director at Mitrajaya Bhd., Puchong
Leslie Lim
Project Director

The expertise of PERI‘s engineering staff was invaluable to our project. Their unique and innovative formwork designs served a variety of applications, including a challenging shoring design utilizing the PERI UP system. PERI‘s solution allowed us to execute our project in a safe, productive and timely fashion.

PERI solution

  • Formwork and scaffolding solutions as well as a comprehensive range of services from a single source
  • Planning and delivery of an overall concept consisting of wall, slab and climbing formwork for the complex building architecture
  • Planning and delivery of the spatially designed working scaffold and shoring solution on the basis of the PERI UP modular scaffolding system including integrated access solutions
  • Flexible adaptation of the birdcage scaffold using a 25 cm basic grid system to match the geometrical requirements as well as high load concentrations