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"Porta del Sud" Railway Station, Italy

Designed by Zaha Hadid, the new station – a construction consisting of concrete, glass and steel in the form of a bridge – is characterized by numerous curved shapes. Traffic flows from travelers inspired the architect to create this extraordinary shape.
For the design of the very special “Porta del Sud” architecture, PERI´s Italian engineers developed a cost-effective overall solution for all formwork and scaffolding work. In addition to standard formwork systems, a large number of customized formwork elements were planned, produced and delivered.
The project in numbers: 19,000 m² of reinforced concrete slabs and 26,500 m² of wall areas – of which 16,500 m² in the best possible architectural concrete quality.
For the curved and inclined walls, elements of the VARIO GT 24 Wall Formwork were accurately planned, prefabricated and delivered to the construction site. The Girder Wall Formwork could be optimally adapted to suit the complex geometries and the high architectural concrete requirements including the required joint and tie arrangement.
The VARIO GT 24 Girder Wall Formwork was planned and assembled according to project demands – with reinforcing steel walers and up to 12 m in height.
The MULTIPROP Props are characterized by a high load-bearing capacity of up to 90 kN. For forming the platform, aluminium props were used under the slab tables both as individual props and as shoring towers.
The VARIO GT 24 Wall Formwork and PERI UP Modular Scaffolding demonstrated adaptability par excellence – also for the very challenging architectural concrete components.
Designed by the British-Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid, the station was conceived as a bridge that floats 30 m above the railroad tracks and links them together. The futuristic station thus acts as a gateway to the city of Naples.
(Photo: Zaha Hadid Architects)

Project data

Location: Naples Afragola, Italy

  • Architect: Zaha Hadid
  • Construction period: June 2015 - June 2017
  • Railway station for high-speed trains in Naples Afragola as a major intersection on the Rome‑Naples‑Salerno line, designed in the form of a bridge which floats 30 m over the railway tracks
  • Futuristic constructed structure with complex shapes, S-shaped arches, curved walls, intersecting and converging halls and pathways
  • Architecture symbolizes the movement of the travellers


  • Extraordinary architecture with numerous curved forms
  • Highest architectural concrete requirements with defined joint and tie arrangement for 16,500 m² of wall areas
  • Complex shaped platform construction with 44 steeply inclined Y-shaped reinforced concrete piers
  • Comprehensive safety concept for formwork and scaffolding operations


Astaldi S.p.a. (General Contractor)

Customer's benefit

  • Cost-effective and practical complete solution from one source
  • Realization of the required concrete surfaces
  • Reliable support for workload and cost planning through continuous, close cooperation with PERI
  • Fast and easy on-site assembly thanks to approx. 1,100 PERI assembly drawings
  • Efficient execution and optimized on-site material requirements through permanent technical advisory service as well as organizational support provided by the PERI project manager on the jobsite
  • Easy and simple on-site assembly along with fast shuttering and striking of the customized steel formwork for the load-bearing Y-shaped piers
  • Safe working scaffold and access points at all heights and on all working areas, fast and safe assembly of PERI scaffolding technology
Ing. Roberto Giovannini, Site Manager for Astaldi S.p.a.
Ing. Roberto Giovannini
Site Manager

The construction of the station in Afragola, designed by Zaha Hadid, was not a simple undertaking – we had to bring the future-oriented architectural concept together with the working material used: concrete. One can say that this was successfully mastered thanks to the excellent collaboration between Astaldi and PERI!

PERI solution

  • Complete solution as a combination consisting of standard system components and customized formwork and scaffolding construction for realizing the curved architectural language
  • Support during the work preparation phase before the start of the project as well as during the execution with around 200 detailed drawings
  • Professional support provided by a PERI project manager throughout the entire period of the project
  • Formwork solution based on the VARIO GT 24 Girder Wall Formwork for the curved walls and high loads, planned with regard to achieving the best architectural concrete quality and the defined joint and tie arrangement
  • Polystyrene elements developed by means of 3D planning for shaping more complex curvatures
  • Support provided for the selection, planning and delivery of suitable formlining sheets (30,000 m² in total) in different thicknesses and sizes, including large-sized FinPly Maxi sheets (7,500 mm x 2,700 mm)
  • Planning and manufacture of project-specific steel formwork for the load-bearing Y-shaped piers under both platforms
  • Concept for implementation of the required safety measures during the construction work