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Pedestrian and cycle path bridge Petershausen train station

Project data

Location: Constance, Germany

  • Z-shaped, barrier-free railway overpass for pedestrians and cyclists
  • The actual bridge is made accessible via two reinforced concrete ramps, led in parallel across the railway tracks, each more than 100 m long, with individual spans of up to 20 m
  • Both ramps have a width of 6 m and an inclination of 6%
  • The layout of both ramps with an offset of more than 30 m reduces the overall length of the structure to 170 m


  • Construction work along the railway tracks, and with buildings and traffic routes close by
  • Construction work takes place during ongoing railroad operation
  • Both ramp structures are formed and poured almost simultaneously for time reasons


Schleith GmbH Baugesellschaft

Customer's benefit

  • Construction of the bridge shell structure within a few weeks
  • Assembly decking of the MDS shoring towers serves as access and working level for scaffold erection and dismantling as well as shuttering and striking
  • Climbing and descending via the decking within the towers ensures safety and accelerates the work process
  • The complete load transfer of the ramp slabs with thicknesses of 50 cm to 55 cm is exclusively done within the free-standing PERI UP Flex MDS shoring system – without any additional, lateral, inclined struts
Harald Rederich

We use PERI UP MDS for the first time – and we are extremely satisfied with it. All work can be carried out from the decking, protected by the standing tower. Also the complete bracing is done in the system – without any additional struts and push-pull props.

PERI solution

  • Forming, surface-type scaffolding for inclined ramp structure with in-situ construction, based on the PERI UP Flex MDS shoring tower system
  • MDS shoring towers with heights from 1.70 m to 6.00 m with a basic grid of 1.25 m x 1.00 m, connected to the birdcage scaffold in vertical and horizontal direction with ledgers of 1.50 m and 1.00 m
  • PERI HD 200 main beam areas transfer the bundled line loads of the prefabricated track bridging parts along the right and left sides of the tracks into the ground