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Marieholm Tunnel, Gothenburg, Sweden

The slab formwork carriages used are very modular in their design; the great flexibility of the VARIOKIT standard components facilitate simple adjustments to suit project-specific conditions. The relatively low weight of the VARIOKIT solutions is an additional benefit of the Engineering Construction Kit.
For the twin-tube tunnel segments, the construction team forms and concretes the bottom slab and walls in a single pour, then the slabs using two VARIOKIT Formwork Carriages. Among other things, the limited work space in the dry dock poses a number of challenges.
As far as possible, the PERI planning includes the use of standard system components. For the special shape of the arch, the team developes a project-specific formwork solution.
The formwork for the top external wall area, i.e. the counterpart to the internal arch, is supported by means of SCS Climbing Brackets. These brackets provide generous working areas and ensure safe load transfer into the previously concreted walls.
PERI UP Stair Towers provide safe access to the 18 m deep dry dock.

Project data

Location: Gothenburg, Sweden

The Marieholm Tunnel in Gothenburg is a road tunnel with three lanes in each direction. The 306 m long immersed tunnel section crosses the Gota älv river. An important boundary condition to take into consideration during the execution was not to negatively affect the sensitive ecosystem of the river. The tunnel has a planned service life of 120 years.

The tunnel is constructed as an immersed tunnel. For this, three tunnel sections each more than 100 m long are produced in a dry dock, then brought into their final position and lowered to the riverbed. The dry dock directly extends from the course of the tunnel. After completion of the three tunnel segments, the tunnel access section is realized in this dry dock using the cut-and-cover construction method.

Construction period: 2014 - 2020


  • Formwork solution for concreting the bottom slab as well as external and internal walls in one pour
  • 2 tunnel formwork carriages for the slabs with a hydraulic solution for lifting and lowering
  • Efficient overall concept for a cost-effective overall solution
  • Modular, lightweight solution for the formwork carriage in order for this to be lifted out after the last concreting work has been finished in spite of the limited space available in the dry dock


Züblin Scandinavia AB

Customer's benefit

  • Time and cost savings due to the high proportion of rentable system components
  • Optimum availability of the standard system components
  • Simple and fast assembly of the VARIOKIT solution through the use of bolted connections
  • Relatively low weight of the VARIOKIT Formwork Carriage
  • Easy decoupling of the formwork carriage to allow it to be lifted out of the dry dock after a segment had been completed
Portrait of Agnes Csernyak, Block Manager Concrete at Züblin Scandinavia AB
Agnes Csernyak
Block Manager Concrete

The cooperation with PERI for finding the best formwork system for the tunnel elements has already started in the tender stage. The flexible but robust traveler system was one of the main points of the execution concept of the tunnel elements. The work continued in the project stage where the execution team and PERI´s technical support team has done all optimization together. The technical support in both stages is extraordinary and you can always count on the PERI team for ideas and good solutions to solve a problem.

PERI solution

  • VARIOKIT Tunnel Formwork Carriage with hydraulic lifting/lowering unit; heavy-duty wheels and crane rails for moving to the next casting segment
  • Project-specific formwork solution for the external walls
  • Standard panel formwork for the internal walls of the tunnel
  • Climbing brackets for extending the external walls
  • Stair towers and reinforcement scaffolding for easy access and safe working conditions
  • Comprehensive technical support