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Marchlehner Gallery, Austria

Marchlehner Gallery, Sölden, Austria - The VARIOKIT tunnel formwork solution accelerated construction of the 228 m long Marchlehner gallery situated at a height of 1,800 m above sea level. The competent planning process took into account al possible project requirements which ensured on-schedule completion before the onset of winter.
Marchlehner Gallery, Sölden, Austria - The PERI formwork concept consisted of a 13.50 m long slab formwork carriage with a 3.00 m width – the 4.50 m high drive-through height provided easy access for construction site vehicles as well as transit traffic.
Marchlehner Gallery, Sölden, Austria - A transverse launching unit integrated in the lifting unit ensured problem-free alignment of the formwork carriage to match the changing radii.
Marchlehner Gallery, Sölden, Austria - The four formwork units for the valley-side 1.50 m cantilevered tunnel slab were likewise based on VARIOKIT system components and could easily be moved by crane using designated lifting points on the gallows construction.
Marchlehnergalerie, Sölden, Österreich - Two standard cycles each 12 m long were formed, reinforced and concreted per week.

Project data

Location: Sölden, Austria

  • 228 m long avalanche protection gallery on the Federal Highway L 240 between Sölden/Ötztal and Vent
  • Tunnel cross-section in road axis direction 9.20 m x 4.90 m


  • Completion in 19 sections each 12 m long
  • Short construction schedule because of completion deadline due to onset of winter
  • Jobsite at height of over 1,800 m above sea level
  • Transit traffic of 1,000 vehicles per day during the construction period had to be taken into consideration
  • 8 % steep longitudinal inclination
  • S-shaped gallery with changing radii


Teerag-Asdag AG; Porr GmbH, NL Tirol, Kematen

Customer's benefit

  • On-schedule completion
  • Two tunnel sections per week in spite of difficult boundary conditions
  • Fast moving procedure thanks to lightweight formwork carriage and hydraulic operations
  • Inexpensive solution due to mainly rentable system components
Marchlehner Gallery, Markus Kreuzer, Site Manager
Markus Kreuzer
Site Manager

Together with the PERI engineers, we designed a customized formwork carriage solution. This allowed us to concrete two sections per week – and, in spite of the ever-present passage of transit vehicles and steep longitudinal inclination, on-time completion was guaranteed. Due to the lightweight construction and hydraulic operations, the carriage could be lowered, moved forward and set up for the next cycle in less than 60 minutes.

PERI solution

  • Customized project solution on the basis of the VARIOKIT modular construction system
  • Tunnel formwork carriage with a width of 3.00 m and 4.50 m high access portal
  • Craneable formwork units for the valley-side 1.50 m cantilevered tunnel slab
  • Stopend formwork design included integrated water stop
  • Delivery of pre-fabricated formwork and construction units

PERI systems in use