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The quick and easy software for standard applications

With ELPOS, you can easily and fast plan the utilisation of PERI formwork and scaffolding systems completely without any CAD know-how. The result of your planning with ELPOS are practice-oriented drawings and project-specific parts lists which optimise and accelerate the execution at the jobsite.

Simple floor plans can be formed mostly automatised with standard systems, and all mandatory rules are taken into consideration and applied here. The electronic catalogue also contains typical standard sections and their illustration accelerates work at the jobsite. The 3D-illustrations simplify the execution at the jobsite even more.

The results of the planning with ELPOS are clearly structured, easily readable drawings and exact parts lists for material planning at the push of a button – optimised for the display on standard devices.

Technical Details

ELPOS works with the following formwork and scaffolding systems

  • TRIO 270, TRIO 330, DOMINO 250, DOMINO 275, DOMINO 300, MAXIMO 270, MAXIMO 330, VARIO Standard, RUNDFLEX, RUNDFLEX Plus, MULTIPROP System, HD 200, ST 100, PD 8, FB Folding Platform
  • PERI UP T 72 / T 104 Frame Scaffold, PERI UP Rosett Modular Scaffold, PERI UP Rosett Flex Modular Scaffold
  • Reinforcement Scaffolds, Access Systems, Shoring Systems

System requirements

  • Processor: Intel® Pentium® 4 or AMD Athlon™ 3 GHz or better
  • Storage: 3 GB RAM (recommended: 4 GB)
  • Graphics Board: powerful graphics board with DirectX support and at least 256 MB RAM storage (recommended 512 MB)
  • Operating System: Windows XP Home or Professional with Service Pack3, Windows Vista, Windows 7. Windows 8 is not supported!
  • Additional Software: Internet Explorer 7 or higher, Microsoft Excel (recommended for parts list)
  • A DVD drive is required for the installation.


Planning in little time

The automatisms and the electronic component catalogue make formwork planning easy and particularly fast. After a short work-in phase, every user can plan with a few clicks and little effort.

Optimised material utilisation

The demand for formwork and scaffolding material including all accessories is optimised related to the project. Exact parts lists make sure that the jobsite is supplied with the required material and that the transportation work is optimised. This way, the formwork material is utilised in the best possible way.

Safe execution with high effectiveness

Easily understandable plans simplify and accelerate the utilisation at the jobsite. Each system component gets directly to its right position, without any detours. Complicated areas are already detected and solved in the planning phase, this avoids improvising at the jobsite.


Our service around ELPOS

ELPOS is principally simple and intuitive to navigate. Easily understandable documentation helps with the application of the software. For the start of the computer-aided planning to become even better, we train the users on the spot in our software training centre. 

Our professional team is available for training, the first introduction but also for the extension of existing know-how. Answers to questions of users and concrete help is also offered by the PERI CAD Hotline that our customers can call at any time.

PERI Hotline
Tel.: +49 (0)7309.950-8888
Fax: +49 (0)7309.951-8888


First try – then buy

Test the capacity of our software before you buy it and check whether ELPOS meets your requirements.

The demo version is made available to you for 30 days without any limitations. During this time, you can extensively use the software for your applications and can contact our support when you have questions.

Ask your sales engineer for the demo version or order it directly from our Hotline, which you also can contact if you have any questions concerning installation and handling.

PERI Hotline
Tel.: +49 (0)7309.950-8888
Fax: +49 (0)7309.951-8888

Do you have a question?

We would be pleased to advise you personally or send you further information.

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Regional Availability

ELPOS is available in the following countries: