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MULTIPROP Shoring Tower Configurator


The MULTIPROP Shoring Tower Configurator helps to determine parameters for shoring structures. The users identify or determine with the web-based configurator easy, fast and precisely respectively the optimal shoring configuration or the permissible leg loads. Results are based on the test report S-N/040361 with the extensions S-N/100134 and S-N/120134 of the Bavarian State Trade Agency (LGA) and on the performance data from PERI.

Functional Description

After selection of the calculation type, the user configures the desired shoring configuration and receives his individual result. This contains the representation of the static system, the respective PERI MULTIPROP Shoring Tower configuration type, the permissible vertical leg loads Fv in kN, the corresponding prop extenstion lengths, the number of different component types and if applicable the utilization of the optimal shoring configuration.

The PDF output format is provided for the documentation, for direct printing or for sending via e-mail by the application. A construction description for customers has been included into this datasheet.

The tool enables the selection of comprehensive configuration variants for various articles and the consideration of wind effects on the shoring. This app provides solutions for tower heights between 1,95 m and 14,90 m.


The type calculation is based on the European standard DIN EN 12812 "Falsework - Performance requirements and general design" including National Annex. This standard regulates, among other things, requirements for proposals and application of shoring structures and includes procedures for their design.

Basis of the Calculation Results

Basis of the MULTIPROP Shoring Tower Configurator are the test report of the Bavarian State Trade Agency (LGA) with number S-N/040361 from 26.10.2005 with the extensions S-N/100134 and S-N/120134 and the performance data of the shoring system PERI MULTIPROP Shoring Tower, which are to be taken from the assembly instructions for the shoring system PERI MULTIPROP Shoring Tower.

Knowledge of the standard and its terminology is required in order to apply the results of the MULTIPROP Shoring Tower Configurator.

Additional Information

  • Test report of LGA S-N/040361 with the extensions S-N/100134 and S-N/120134
  • Assembly instructions of the product system PERI MULTIPROP Shoring Tower
  • Product standard as basis for the calculation of the system according to DIN EN 12812:2008-12
  • PERI Tables 2014


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MULTIPROP Shoring Tower Configurator

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