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PERI Extended Experience


Visualization is becoming more and more important in all phases of construction. Communication, safety and the efficiency of many processes benefit in particular from detailed virtual models.

With the “PERI Extended Experience“ app, PERI takes mobile 3D visualization of construction projects to the next level. The stored 3D models can be shown in the three display types of Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality (MR) on the display of the mobile device.

Different display types
Due to different visualization options, users can optimally include the individual model in the planning/ construction process.

High-quality models
The visualization reacts directly and smoothly. The level of detail corresponds exactly with the engineered design.

Easy user guidance
The app is very user-friendly and can be operated intuitively.

The PERI Extended Experience app can be downloaded free-of-charge from the following app stores:

Types of display

AR mode
The AR (Augmented Reality) mode uses a printed floor plan as the trigger. A virtual 3D model is created once the app has been started and the camera focuses on the printed floor plan.

VR mode
3D models can be called up easily and fast in the VR mode (Virtual Reality). Different functions (e.g. zooming, turning) can be executed with simple finger gestures.

MR mode
In the MR (Mixed Reality) mode, a 3D model is projected onto the respective environment of the user. The model can be positioned in the room with an “anchor point” and be viewed on the display in original size. 


Questions regarding the utilization of the PERI Extended Experience can be sent by e-mail to the following address:

System Requirements

The PERI Extended Experience App is basically available for Android and iOS. The best performance and user experience is achieved on iOS devices with at least A10 Fusion processor (from iPhone7). The performance depends on various parameters, such as the model size, the available memory and the device used.

Regional Availability

PERI Extended Experience is available in the following countries:

PERI Extended Experience

Apple App Store
Google Play Store (Beta)