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PERI UP Flex Working Platform LGS 150

For wide-span working platforms and temporary pedestrian footbridges
With the LGS Lattice Girder System, safe working platforms can be realized. If required, completely close areas can be formed with system decking and dust-proof coverings.
LGS is suitable for temporary pedestrian bridges and meets the requirements regarding guardrail loads and geometries for use in public areas.
This manually movable scaffolding with its 20 m span is based on the LGS system and, among other things, serves as a working platform for implementing corrosion protection measures.
Movable platforms with 25 m spans provide safe working areas for different tasks to be carried out on the the underside of a railway station roof.


The LGS Lattice Girder System offers safe and efficient solutions for large spans and/or high loads. Apart from the use of trusses for weather protection roofs, temporary (pedestrian) bridges or working platforms can be realized at any height with the LGS Truss Segments.

Fast assembly
Ledgers and diagonals can be connected to form very stable units

For large spans
The high bending loading capacity allows large spans to be realized

Flexibly adaptable to suit different geometries – as a platform or bridge

Technical Details

  • Lattice girder for wide-span bridging and temporary pedestrian footbridges
  • Maximum span: 12.00 m with 5 kN/m² or 20.00 m with 2 kN/m²

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