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PERI UP Flex Shoring Tower MDS K


Assembly and dismantling of the MDS K Shoring Tower takes place with protection always provided by means of end-to-end guardrails. The user is always in a safe and secure position during all assembly situations – without requiring any additional measures. The decking is attached to the ledgers without tools while any unintentional lifting from below is simply not possible. The supply of materials is carried out through the inside of the shoring tower. 

Safe assembly without additional components 
through the specific type of design with decking and end-toend guardrails 

Accelerated working operations 
with only a minimum of system components and constantly repeating assembly steps 

Effortless handling 
through the low weight and ergonomically advantageous working operations (centre of the body)

Technical Details

  • Vertically-assembled shoring tower comprising PERI UP Flex system components and additional decks
  • As a free-standing shoring tower with assembly heights up to 6.39 m and for loads up to 45 kN; restrained at the top, up to heights of 9.39 m and loads up to 50 kN
  • Ground plan: 1.25 m x 1.00 m | 1.50 m | 2.00 m | 2.50 m | 3.00 m
  • As a shoring tower with additional frames for concentrated vertical loads
  • Modular adaptation of the tower ground plan in a longitudinal direction
  • Height adjustment in 50 cm increments by combining the MDS K 100 Frame and MDS K 50 Intermediate Frame; fine adjustment via the Head and Base Spindles

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