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The abrasion-resistant polypropylene coating protects the pallet surfaces even from efflorescence and discolouration –especially when washing-out blocks – that had previously been cause of complaint with wooden boards

About Kann

This family business, which was founded in 1927, today manufactures at 21 sites throughout Germany. The mostrecent production facility in Kaltenkirchen was commissioned in May 2018; the year before a new panel factory was opened in Urmitz. The company employs atotal of 900 persons in Germany. Its extensive range of products includes high-class paving and garden blocksbesides civil engineering products. All products are marketed through the construction materials trade in the whole of Germany as well as in neighbouring countries such as BeNeLux, Switzerland, Austria and France.


The production pallet for the concrete block industry

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PERI Pave experience report

Each system should have its own optimum, individual solution.” Kann Baustoffwerke GmbH maintains this maxim inselecting production pallets for its concrete block production after subjecting them to thorough material tests. PERI Pave pallets have been able to win over this company from Bendorf, Germany, many times since 2007. These well proven multiplex pallets with their highly abrasion-resistantplastic coating have in the meantime become the product of first choice for a total of 13 production systems at nine of Kann’s sites. The following describes their experience at the production facility in Mittenwalde in the State of Brandenburg.

At this site, Kann, one of the leading German manufacturers, operates a concrete block production facility with their highest current output performance of well on 250,000 tonnes yearly. Production is carried on throughout the year in threeshifts; the entire facility with its two Masa systems is set up forthe process chain to run seamlessly due to the great through-put volumes. The changeover to PERI production pallets can be understood as both a measure for enhancing productivity and ensuring high-class quality for the concrete products.

Core strengths

At Mittenwalde, work has been carried out since 2013 and 2014 on PERI Pave production pallets, which have all completed a very high number of cycles up to the present time. The pallets have a 1,400 x 1,050 x 48 mm format; their own relatively minor net weight of 52 kg stands in contrast to the great imposed loads they sometimes bear. PERI manufactures pallet thicknesses individually tailored for the maximum loadcase.

Before the changeover, Kann’s production facility utilised softwood and hardwood boards. Mirko Adam, the factory manager, can now make a comparison to these and other boardtypes after in-depth testing and many years of practice. The PERI Pave perform better technically as they transfer vibrationvery uniformly because of the multiplex pallets homogeneousness, says Mirko Adam.

Indeed, these production pallets feature particularly great and uniform rigidity. This is due to their structure made from 1.4mm thick birch plywood veneers bonded crosswise together with each other. The result is excellent shape stability that ensures the vibration forces are transferred effectively and uniformly during compaction.

Adam points to the difference in practice when manufacturingconcrete blocks under identical production conditions. The outcome was that the block heights on PERI Pave were alwayssubstantially lower than with softwood boards and the concrete micro-structure correspondingly denser. As a consequence, the factory could cut down the vibration forces, shorten cycle times and make savings on raw materials. On top of this, reducing vibration energy had a beneficial effecton the service life of the system’s entire technology and on energy costs, too.

Load-bearing capacity with PERI Pave was another plus point the factory manager named alongside good compaction results. Adam applied his yardstick to their production heavyweights. Nine deep kerbstones with a 1,000 mm edge length add up to about 630 kg imposed load per production pallet. The maximum deflection after long-term loading is so minorwith PERI Pave that this issue presents no problems at all for Adam.

A decisive factor in this good load-bearing behaviour in both longitudinal and transversal directions is again the very stable, rigid multiplex core. Great load-bearing capacity also means lower pallets thicknesses and savings on weight that can benefit the whole production process.

Protection for consistent quality on a long-term basis

The production pallet possesses a specially developed highly abrasion-resistant polypropylene coating. This hard, impactresistant plastic was developed by the specialists at PERI specifically for tough applications in concrete block production facilities and to include resistance to chemical substancesin release agents and block impregnators. The jointless coating ensures, in particular, that the block rear is flawless; withdrawal plates are not necessary in this case.

The pallet edges are basically open to allow diffusion. They are nonetheless treated with acrylic paint to protect them against greater amounts of water such as in the case of washed out concrete products. It ensures that the pallet structure does not absorb water and swell up uncontrollably but that moisture can constantly diffuse out.

The glued individual layers of multiplex pallets are resistant to water and boiling – PERI guarantees this for their entire service life. Their manufacture is carried out by UPM, a Finnish company and one of the world’s leading specialists for plywood products. Only high density birch wood from PEFC or FSC certified sustainable forest management is utilised for the plywood core.


The convincing features of PERI Pave are its excellent interplay of vibration force transmission, rigidity, load-bearing capacity, evenness and surface coating. This all enables Kann to attain good results. Purchasing manager Carsten Märker named another reason. “At the bottom line, besides the technical properties, cost-effectiveness is what counts as well. Our experience with PERI Pave has been very good in this respect too.”

Innovation outlook

Product strengths in terms of technology and efficiency form the basis of working together over many years with companies such as Kann. Kathrin Wunder, product manager at PERI, adds: “Satisfied customers are the deciding factor for us. Our goal is long-term cooperations, in which we develop solutions hand in hand that are tailored for mutual success. We offer our customers products and services with high practical relevance since they have been developed together with the user. A production pallet is not merely a means of transport but rather a decisive productive factor in reinforcing a customer’ssuccess.”

PERI has now been supplying a stable, long lasting production pallet with its PERI Pave product to the concrete block industry for about 20 years now. Its latest development has been announced for bauma 2019 in Munich: PERI Pave – Generation2.0. New feature is the modified plastic coating with built in release effect against concrete or acrylate adhesions with the pallet’s otherwise unchanged high technical properties. 

The production pallet for the concrete block industry

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The production pallet for the concrete block industry


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