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Quick and efficient forming of repeat building structures in social residential construction
Handling the UNO is easy and safe - this is also due to the low weight. The individual elements can be easily moved and transported by hand.
Likewise, UNO is easy to use for building multi-storey structures with the same layout.
The slab formwork with the surrounding profiled edge is quickly installed - only a hammer is required.
Working with UNO is very safe: with system components such as handrail posts and brackets, peripheral guardrails can be installed.
The drophead system allows early striking of the slab to take place. The elements are then quickly available for the next concreting cycle which reduces on-site material requirements.
The wall elements are connected using UNO Wall Couplers that align the individual components resulting in a flush fit.
PERI manufactures the UNO elements on a project-related basis and in compliance with high quality standards – for virtually all dimensions and structural forms.


With UNO, walls and columns, slabs and beams as well as stairways are shuttered simultaneously and concreted using the monolithic construction method. UNO is therefore a cost-effective solution for forming social residential buildings featuring frequently repetitive floor plans. The aluminum elements are prefabricated on a project-specific basis and can be assembled without the use of a crane.

Efficient working procedures
with lightweight elements, ingenious technology and very few accessory components

Innovative anchoring technology
with reusable anchors that are installed on one side and up to 70 % fewer anchor points than comparable systems

Fast striking
with an ingenious transition between wall and slab formwork as well as the Drophead which allows early striking

Technical Details

  • For wall thicknesses from 8 cm to 30 cm and slab thicknesses up to 30 cm
  • Permissible fresh concrete pressure: 80 kN/m² (hydrostatic)
  • Crane-independent working operations using lightweight aluminium elements which are also easy to clean
  • Very tight panel connections through the Wedge Coupler
  • Conical ties without spacer tubes, installed from one side only
  • Simple striking of the walls due to the Spacer Coupler
  • Early striking of the slab with the Drophead; as an option, panels can be directly supported

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