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TRIO Panel Formwork


The focus of the universal TRIO Wall Formwork is on ensuring simple shuttering procedures and reduced shuttering times. Standard panels have only 6 different widths which allows easy handling and efficient logistics. With the BFD Coupler for all connections as well as many other practical system solutions, TRIO has successfully proven itself in countless projects around the world.

TRIO is very versatile and efficient in its use - from residential construction and multi-storey structures through to applications in infrastructure projects. This ensures a high degree of utilisation and thus the cost-effectiveness of the system. Variants of the panel formwork, e.g. the aluminum version or for special surfaces, expands the range of applications. The closed panel profiles of the TRIO provide high torsional stability. The excellent product quality guarantees a long service life. For all applications, TRIO fulfils the highest requirements regarding the evenness.

Fast working operations
with only a minimum of panel widths as well as panels that can be used both horizontally and vertically

Easy and simple connections
with the BFD Alignment Coupler as the only component for all panel connections

Large-area shuttering
with standard panels up to 3.30 m x 2.40 m - providing a high level of surface evenness and only 2 tie positions

Technical Details

  • Flexibly used panel formwork for fast working operations, compatible with MAXIMO panel formwork
  • Panel heights up to 3.30 m, panel widths up to 2.40 m (standard system)
  • Maximum permissible fresh concrete pressure: 80 kN/m²
  • Can be used with DW 15 and DW 20 tie systems
  • Flush, aligned and tight connections with the BFD Alignment Coupler – including filler timber compensations up to 10 cm
  • Simple cleaning operations due to the powder-coated frame

Extended programme

TRIO Aluminium

Lightweight formwork for crane-independent working; easily distinguishable by its yellow powder coating

TRIO Structure

TRIO panels with a free choice of formlining for special concrete surface requirements – supplied already pre-assembled

TRIO shaft element

With the TRIO shaft element, complete shaft internal formwork can be moved quickly; the all-round striking clearance is 30 mm.

MXK Bracket System

The MXK Bracket System serves as a working platform on MAXIMO and TRIO. The modular design and lightweight, manually-assembled system components ensure fast installation and a high level of costeffectiveness. In contrast to conventional solutions, the modular system provides pre-assembled individual components, e.g. the MXK Scaffold Deck or PROKIT PMB Side Mesh Barrier.

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Regional Availability

TRIO Panel Formwork is available in the following countries:

Joseph Bernardo, Site Manager; Serge Bertrand, Site Manager; Patrice Viguié, Site Manager
Joseph Bernardo, Serge Bertrand, Patrice Viguié
Site Managers

Having taken all possibilities into consideration, we chose the TRIO and VARIO wall formwork systems for realising the inclined walls of the Lascaux project. The handling of the TRIO elements is simple and practical at the same time, and the inclined surfaces could be joined together without any problems whatsoever – in spite of the changes in inclination between the individual wall sections. After carrying out some adjustments, the VARIO formwork proved to be a very sensible choice for forming the adjacent walls with counter-positioned inclinations.

Project report