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RS Push-Pull Props

RS Push-Pull Props: A complete programme, can be telescoped to reach a length of 14.00 m
RS Push-Pull Props: PERI push-pull props have been designed in particular regarding a long service life, low maintenance costs and easy handling.


RS Push-Pull Props are used for the vertical alignment of and transferring wind loads from wall and column formwork as well as prefabricated concrete elements. They have been designed in particular regarding a longer service life, low maintenance costs and fast handling. The push-pull props also serve as kicker braces, the provision of additional kickers is not required.

Fast and safe handling
Rough adjustment and fine adjustment for realizing the appropriate length take place safely within seconds from the installation area

Used also with prefabricated concrete elements
Push-Pull Prop Adapter and Quick Connector mounted from a safe position

Galvanized tubes and threads ensure permanent protection against corrosion and a long service life

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