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PERI Elevating Platform 290

Reliable, safe and versatile utilization
The compact device can be used both in narrow rooms and outdoors, up to a work height of 5.0 m.
The footprint of the chassis corresponds with the dimensions of a euro pallet. It is very light and can easily overcome slopes of up to 35%, and therefore it can be transported without any problems.
The elevating platform can be lifted, lowered and moved with a joystick – comfortably and easily, even when wearing gloves.


The lifting platform 290 is an efficient and safe alternative to movable rolling scaffolds or ladders. The compact device can be used in narrow rooms but also outdoors, up to a work height of 5.0 m. Apart from the cost-effective and time-saving shuttering and striking of slab formwork, it can also be used for reworking, concrete cosmetics or the dismantling of shoring. It is very light and can easily overcome slopes of up to 35%. Apart from a robust joystick control and a maintenance-free lifting technology, the lifting platform comes with a height-adjustable steel chassis and tires made of wear-resistant solid rubber. With the dimensions of the chassis corresponding with a euro pallet, it can be transported in a delivery van without any problems.

Stable work cage provides all-round protection; moving speed automatically adjusts according to the platform height

Compact design also allows use in small spaces, likewise can be used in outer areas

With a robust electric motor and maintenance-friendly lifting mechanism

Technical Details

  • Max. work height ca. 5 m at a max. standing height of 2.90 m
  • Payload 180 kg
  • Speed 2.4 km/ h with retracted platform (0.5 km/ h for extended platform)
  • Inner turning radius 0.00 m
  • Outer turning radius 1.00 m
  • 2 x 12 V batteries 85 Ah 5 h
  • 110 / 220 V ca. 24 V charge connector, 12 Ah automatic
  • Solid rubber tires, wear-resistant
  • Transport width 0.74 m
  • Transport weight 508 kg

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