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VARIOKIT Tunnel Carriage VTC


With VARIOKIT system components, cost-effective tunnel formwork carriages can be realized which are precisely adapted to meet the needs of the respective jobsite. Requirements such as drive-through openings for trucks or single-sided wall formwork are easily fulfilled. Additional components for lifting, lowering and moving are likewise available in the rentable PERI portfolio as are safe working platforms and access means. Required technical accessories, e.g. concrete pump connections, complement the VARIOKIT solutions. 

  • VTC Tunnel Formwork Carriage for the cut-and-cover method
    Solutions for the monolithic, semi-monolithic and separate casting methods
  • VTC Tunnel Formwork Carriage when using mining techniques
    Solutions for the monolithic and separate casting methods

Continuously adaptable
Gridless, dimensionally-accurate formwork solutions for tunnel cross-sections of any form

Workload minimized
As an option, shuttering and striking, lifting and lowering as well as moving with hydraulic and electrical solutions

Save on reworking costs
High load-bearing steel walers reduce the number of anchors in the wall areas

Technical Details

  • Standardized and hirable system components in the appropriate lengths for project-specific formwork carriage solutions
  • Struts for continuously adjustable use from 4.00 m to 9.00 m
  • Small number of type-tested connections with standardized loads per connection type
  • Fast, site-compliant assembly
  • Easy and simple modification procedure if changes are made to the tunnel cross-section
  • Few anchors required in wall areas due to standard steel walers up to UU 200
  • Optionally available hydraulic support for shuttering and striking as well as lifting and lowering
  • Electrically-driven or mechanically-operated solutions for moving

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Regional Availability

VARIOKIT Tunnel Carriage VTC is available in the following countries:

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Marchlehner Gallery, Markus Kreuzer, Site Manager
Markus Kreuzer
Site Manager

Together with the PERI engineers, we designed a customized formwork carriage solution. This allowed us to concrete two sections per week – and, in spite of the ever-present passage of transit vehicles and steep longitudinal inclination, on-time completion was guaranteed. Due to the lightweight construction and hydraulic operations, the carriage could be lowered, moved forward and set up for the next cycle in less than 60 minutes.

Project report
Alexey Boldyirew, Deputy Construction Manager | Sergey Haladji, Foreman
Alexey Boldyirew | Sergey Haladji
Deputy Construction Manager | Foreman

At the beginning, we were rather sceptical concerning the filigree structure. Our trust has been growing by the day – now we are absolutely thrilled. The PERI formwork carriage is extremely stable and very suitable for our daily work, it fulfils all requirements of our jobsite.

Project report