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Tips & Tricks

Of the Construction Exercise solutions submitted in the past years, we have summarized the key points that are important to us, and to which we attach particular importance. The information to follow should help you to master the tasks of the PERI Construction Exercise successfully and with goal-driven motivation: 

  • We place value on a clear structure and an easy-to-understand presentation of your solution. 
  • Cost-effectiveness and safety should serve you as a guideline throughout the entire task. Please be sure that you attend due attention to all parts and sub-items of the task. 
  • When evaluating proposed solutions, we will give more weight to the formwork solution than to other parts of the solution. This is followed by scheduling and a site set-up plan, tender documents, details of the construction, and construction specifications. In order to reach the final round, you need to present good to very good solutions in all of these fields. The experience gained from Construction Exercises conducted in the past years showed us that the task under “details of the construction” will give you the chance to score extra points, which often are a decisive element in the end. 
  • When preparing formwork design and comparing formwork systems, take into account cantilever slab formwork. Likewise, the cycles of the slab formwork need to be correctly illustrated. In doing so you can choose between a variant with overlapping formwork components, or a variant with formwork that is completely re-erected in each cycle. It is important that you give reasons for your decision. Your formwork design shall be submitted in such a way that the formwork solution is clearly shown, and that it can be examined by us. 
  • All parts lists must also be created in such way that they can be verified. Therefore, you have to submit parts lists per cycle, maximum lists and total lists for the construction site (delivery lists). This goes for all formwork solutions submitted. It is important to coordinate the cycles of the walls well, and to make sure that wall lengths are not too great. The design of all formwork solutions needs to be complete. For example, a formwork solution for the slab above the elevator must also be considered. The rules of instructions for assembly and use must be observed and considered in your formwork design. 
  • Design site installation plans and schedules in such a way that they can be used on-site without further explanation. The site installation plan must show what has to be erected and where. Dependencies must be evident from the schedules. This is of particular importance in terms of formwork solutions and their timing. A critical path should also be part of your schedule. It must include a graph showing staff planning related to individual tasks. We place value on well-balanced staff planning. Equipment planning is important for good site installation and scheduling. 
  • The individual parts of the task are provided with additional information, which is designed to help you with working through the entire task. Of course you are welcome to inquire, should you have any further questions. 

We hope that these remarks will help you in working out the design for the PERI Construction Exercise.
We wish you all the best success in accomplishing a solution, and we would be happy to welcome you as finalist in the PERI Construction Exercise at PERI.

Good luck! May you do well.