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General information

For the 13th time, PERI is offering all pupils and students studying “construction” the opportunity to take part in an international construction exercise.

Practical experience for your professional future

The training competition prepares participants for practical work in their professional future. Working on a real construction project will deepen and consolidate knowledge of theoretical content. The practical tasks will stretch and encourage the participants, especially in relation to work preparation and formwork technology. Use of the popular software PERI CAD will also form part of the exercise. All these features make the PERI construction exercise a valuable training module with a lasting effect.

The exercise can be tackled in groups of up to 5 people. The work, to be submitted in German or English, must not exceed 100 pages including all plans and layouts.

Subject areas of the task in 2020 | 2021

At the first part building details and tender documents writing service specifications is required. In the method selection process, comparisons are made to select the optimal formwork system and then the entire formwork solutions for the project. After that, the construction process is illustrated by a construction schedule, including personnel and equipment planning. In addition there need to be projected the details of construction work and site equipment. And also a construction site setup plan has to be drawn. Finally, the calculation will be created and the service specifications completed.

€ 20,000 PERI – Prize

Work that complies with the rules will be considered for the PERI – Prize. The total prize fund is more than € 20,000! The authors of the five best entries will be invited to PERI's headquarters in Weissenhorn in November 2021 for the final stage.

Rank Prize money
1 € 5.000
2 € 4.000
3 € 3.000
4 € 2.000
5 € 1.500
6 - 10 € 1.000


Acceptable as final thesis and part of the curriculum

After consultation with the teachers, the PERI construction exercise can serve as the topic for a final thesis. And it can also be used – completely or partially – as a task in the framework of the lessons.

The deadline is 31st July 2021. The postmark will be taken as proof of the date of posting. There is no legal recourse.

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