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Is a separate registration required for the competition or is submission of the project sufficient?

If you have handed in your solution along with the completed form by the given deadline, you are automatically registered.

Are the Calculation costs valid for forming and stripping?

Formwork is divided into forming and stripping on a ratio of 2:1. Example: Calculation costs worth: 0.9 h/sqm Forming: 0.6 h/sqm Stripping: 0.3 h/sqm.

What can I do, if the task is not complete?

Please read the task again first. If you don´t find the values there, please have a closer look in the other documentation (brochures etc.). If you cannot find a solution there, you may do an assumption that you should explain and, if possible, give the source of your information. Please mark your assumptions clearly.

The shuttering of the walls or slabs is not as requested. What needs to be done?

Double check the layout of the floor plan if you have major problems. If you have minor problems, like missing panels add panels manually. Remark regarding the layout of the floor plan in PERI CAD: Please, practice the use of the program before laying out the floor plan of the construction exercise.

Do I have to shutter the foundations or base slabs, too?

No, you don't have to create a formwork solution for the foundations or base slabs.

Can I choose the PERI Construction Exercise as topic to write on in a student research paper or a master thesis?

PERI has no objections against Constructions Exercise being the topic of research papers, bachelor theses, or master theses. The details, however, can only be defined by the relevant university.

How can I use the self defined 3D models to design formwork structures?

The 3D models can be imported over the IFC interface. Make sure to remove existing openings prior to importing the model in PERI CAD. Only then the automated software mechanism will create an acceptable solution. First hide the slabs in your layout, then insert the construction joints right into the walls. After that cycles can be created.