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Experience Report

HAMK students Ivan Levchenko and Kirill Zhdanov managed well: They ranked 6th in this 11th contest. At the University of Applied Sciences in Häme they were supported by their student advisor Kirsi Napola.

“I was working as a trainee in the Lakhta Center, St. Petersburg where I got to know PERI products. After a while we had some interesting discussions with PERI staff, and I got information about PERI’s Construction Exercise.” Ivan tells about how the project started.

Soon he realized he couldn’t do it alone – there was a lot to do. The exercise is intended for groups of 1-5 persons, so he asked a friend to join his team, Kirill, who decided to take up the challenge: “Ivan came to me with the suggestion that we can only succeed together, working as a highly organized and strong team. I said we complement one another with our skills and knowledge”, Kirill continues.

They ranked 6th in this 11th contest – as well as being the first team outside Germany or Austria in the group of finalists.

“We had to get it done the way we wanted. And it was worth it.”

“First we got a very comprehensive information package from Germany. We were surprised of the amount of information and started to study PERI systems and the project given in the exercise. This took a lot of time: Our start was more challenging than in Central Europe due to different training program in Finland”, Ivan and Kirill explain.

“Briefly, the task was to compare systems and create cost-effective solutions for the project given. We calculated costs and modified drawings again and again. We had experience with AutoCad, so it was quite simple to get familiar with PERI CAD, too”, Kirill says about their project.

In total, Ivan and Kirill sent in 35 drawings for the competition. “The last days before due date we practically didn’t sleep at all. We had to get it done the way we wanted. And it was worth it.” Ivan and Kirill are, of course, happy of their success and 1,000 € prize money from the competition. Nevertheless, their actual ambition is quite obvious: “We would have liked to get the chance to go to Weissenhorn (PERI’s Headquarters in Southern Germany) to present our exercise, like the five best teams.”

Ivan and Kirill met PERI Suomi Ltd Oy’s MD Pekka Ylänne, Development Manager Georg Mestsaninov and HR Business Partner Kati Hirvikoski in PERI Finland headquarters, Hyvinkää, on 19th October. The meeting included a company presentation, a tour around the stockyard, the awarding of the prize, and many good discussions.

PERI Suomi Ltd Oy congratulates Ivan and Kirill for their magnificent work and success.