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PERI Construction Exercise App – for a quick overview of the current PERI Construction Exercise project

CEX App screenshot

With this app you can load the 3D model of the project onto your smartphone or tablet and look at it from all sides. The aim is to promote understanding of the project and accelerate the familiarisation process. The app allows a detailed view of each floor.

Download the app from the Apple App Store
PERI Construction Exercise by PERI GmbH

or from the Google Play Store:
PERI Construction Exercise by PERI GmbH

and print out the map. You will find the site plan in the download package of the exercise.
Alternatively, the QR code from the app is also sufficient (recommended for mobile phone cameras with low resolution).

Use the camera of your smartphone or tablet to approach the map or the QR code. Once the camera has captured the plan, your 3D model will appear on the screen. View all pages of your project by either moving around the project or rotating the template. Use the navigation bar on the left to switch between the floors. Press "All" to display the entire building. With "Level 1","Level 2" and "Level 3" you will see exactly the floor you have chosen.