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PERI UP access technology

Access for construction sites, industry and the public area

PERI UP – Access technology for construction sites, industry and public areas

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System scaffolding also offers solutions for the temporary access to levels at different heights. The fields of application range from stairs with only a few steps to stair towers with a height of more than 90 m.

The envisaged usage of an access defines the circle of users and so also the requirements regarding geometry and load. An essential criterion is the differentiation between access to construction work and access to public areas.

Access to higher-positioned work places at the construction site are used by persons with the appropriate protection gear. For the public area, on the other hand, wide stairs which can be comfortably used also by larger groups of people have to be installed. So, among other things, specific requirements regarding the flight widths and the type of intermediate landing, and the safety features have to be taken into account.

Means of access for construction sites and industry

Ladder access

Staircases up to 2.0 kN/m²

Staircases for 3.0 kN/m²

Ladders and stairs are used for accessing higher positioned working areas or entering construction sites as well as industrial facilities. Authorised users are all those involved in the building project, i.e. persons in appropriate working clothes with suitable protection equipment.

Access means for public areas

Single or linked continuous staircases

Dog-legged staircases

Stair towers

The most important requirements for temporary access in public areas are broad stairs which are easily accessible and are suitable for large crowds of people. Users are all persons who use public areas, from small children through to frail elderly people.