More climate protection at PERI – with photovoltaic systems

PERI's largest photovoltaic system to date was put into service at the factory in Sakarya, Turkey, at the end of 2022 and is currently being expanded. Some countries are already successfully using PV systems, and many more are to follow – bringing PERI one step closer to its goal of becoming climate neutral.

Climate change has long become a global problem. Melting icebergs, rising sea levels, dried-out fields, forest fires, floods and other environmental disasters are the consequences – and are no longer a rarity. In particular, high CO₂ emissions are produced when generating energy with fossil fuels such as coal or natural gas.

To counteract this and protect the climate, it is essential to expand renewable energies. Alongside wind power, solar energy holds the greatest potential. Unlike fossil fuels, it is a clean energy source that does not emit greenhouse gases. Because photovoltaic systems convert sunlight directly into electricity without energy loss, this form of energy generation can save millions of tons of CO₂ worldwide. The PERI Group has also set itself this goal, and aims to cut its CO₂ emissions by ten percent by 2025. The expansion of photovoltaic systems at our factories bring us a step closer to this goal.

PERI's largest photovoltaic project

PERI's largest PV system to date was commissioned at the factory in Sakarya, Turkey, at the end of 2022. Since then, 4,300 PV modules have been generating around 2,585 MWh of green electricity per year. Around 65 percent of this energy is used in production, enabling the factory to save 735 tons of CO₂ annually and avoid the increased electricity costs.

"The new PV system makes a significant contribution to stabilizing our energy costs and thus remaining competitive," says Köksal Kizilca, Managing Director at PERI Sakarya. "In addition to the economic aspects, we are very proud to make a decisive contribution to the climate neutrality of the PERI Group."

Further photovoltaic projects to follow

As the PV system in Sakarya has already proven its worth, Kizilca's team is expanding the system's output from 2,000 kWp to 3,000 kWp. It is also possible to add another 1,000 kWp at a later date. This expansion will enable the Turkish factory to generate a large share of the electricity required for production itself and thus produce formwork and scaffolding components in an almost climate-neutral manner.

In addition to Sakarya, PV systems are already operating successfully in Germany, Australia, England and Estonia, while further projects are under construction in Austria, Istanbul and Italy. Factories in Chile, Mexico and Bulgaria are currently preparing to switch to solar energy, and other countries will follow in 2024. All of this brings PERI closer to achieving its own sustainability goals while also helping to reduce CO₂ emissions worldwide for the benefit of society.

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