With the vertical building method of PERI UP Facade Scaffold, it is possible to effortlessly adjust the scaffolding to the ship’s geometry.
(Photo: PERI SE)

Ship Ahoy! The historic steamboat “Stadt Zürich” embarks on safe maintenance with PERI UP

The Zürichsee-Schifffahrtsgesellschaft (ZSG), with more than 100 employees, offers around 1.2 million passengers an idyllic experience year by year, framed by the panorama of the picturesque Swiss Alps. To ensure that the fleet of 17 ships can reliably cover 360,000 kilometres per year on Lake Zurich, it requires regular maintenance.

07. August 2023
With the vertical building method of PERI UP Facade Scaffold, it is possible to effortlessly adjust the scaffolding to the ship’s geometry.
(Photo: PERI SE)

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To continuously carry out the maintenance work efficiently and safely, in 2020, ZSG decided to invest in a modern scaffolding system. The conventional system used until then, which was around 20 years old, could no longer meet safety regulations. The requirements of the ZSG are manifold. On the one hand, it was important to provide the workers involved in maintenance work with a safe and flexible scaffolding system that can be assembled quickly and meet all legal requirements. In addition, storage and floor space had to be reduced to a minimum.

PERI UP Facade Scaffolding: The Solution for Limited Storage Capacity

To fulfil these preconditions, PERI delivered a total of 24 tons of PERI UP Facade Scaffolding material, utilising only 84 m2 of yard surface. The Easy verticals of the modular facade scaffold presents a significant advantage, particularly in cases where storage capacity is limited. The compact stacking of verticals and the low number of flexible components enables a variety of geometries and applications. The above-mentioned amount of scaffolding material is used for the maintenance works of nearly the entire fleet of ships, consisting of 9 vessels: MS Stadt Rapperswil, MS Forch, MS Panta Rhei, MS Wädenswil, MS Stadt Zürich, MS Limmat, MS Bachtel, MS Säntis, and MS Helvetia.

Valuable Support with 3D Planning

PERI engineers provided 3D PERI CAD plans for the scaffolding solutions of each vessel, offering valuable support throughout the project. These comprehensive plans not only facilitate visualisation but also provide clear guidance for scaffolding work and accurate parts lists. The utilisation of the PERI UP Modular Facade Scaffold, defined through 3D planning, allows the entire fleet to be scaffolded efficiently using a compact stock of materials. Furthermore, thanks to the highly versatile geometric assembly capability of the PERI UP Scaffolding Kit, a wide range of applications can be achieved with a minimal number of system components.

About the Oldest Steamboat of Lake Zurich

As mentioned before, the “Stadt Zürich”, the oldest steamboat of Lake Zurich is also part of the fleet. It was built in 1909 and was specifically constructed for the ZSG to meet the increasing demand for passenger transportation on Lake Zurich. Over the years, the “Stadt Zürich” underwent several modernisations and upgrades to adapt to changing times. The steamboat was listed as a protected cultural property in Switzerland. Efforts were made to preserve its original charms while ensuring compliance with modern safety standards. The “Stadt Zürich” continues to operate as a passenger steamboat, attracting both locals and tourists who seek a nostalgic journey back in time. The ZSG takes great pride in maintaining and operating this historic vessel, which represents the city's connection with its maritime past. The “Stadt Zürich” boasts impressive dimensions: measuring 59.10 metres in length, 13.10 metres in width, with a displacement of 262 tons. It gracefully navigates with a draught of 7.00 metres and a beam of 13.50 metres. 

Maintenance Work of “Stadt Zürich”

At present, the iconic “Stadt Zürich” is undergoing major maintenance in the ZSG’s shipyard hall. The maintenance work will take approximately three months. Sandblasting, locksmith work and painting are being carried out on the complete keel on an area of 700 m² up to the rubbing strake. During the renovation works, the PERI UP Modular Facade Scaffold scored with all its benefits. The advantage of a facade scaffold – such as fast assembly and advanced guardrail assembly – were just as convincing as the flexibility required to efficiently scaffold the complex geometry of the ships. 

Thanks to the vertical building method with the PERI UP Easy verticals, the 67 cm wide facade scaffolding can be easily adapted to the ship's curvature, using the EDL 33 Deck Compensation with integrated lift-off protection on the scaffolding run. 

With inner guardrails also mounted in advance, side protection is guaranteed in every situation. This means that the crew can carry out maintenance work on the steamer "Stadt Zürich" from a safe position at any time. 

Customer Benefits of the PERI UP Scaffolding Kit

Convincing the maintenance team of ZSG to transition from the old scaffolding system to a modern one proved challenging, given that they are not scaffolders but rather individuals working on the ships, responsible for regular maintenance and renovation tasks. However, providing training on working in improved safety conditions proved to be highly beneficial for the entire ZSG team. They are now aware of the advantages of the PERI UP Scaffolding Kit, which provides the user with lightweight, flexible, and safe scaffolding solutions.

PERI is delighted to provide their support to such an exceptional project and extend their best wishes to the Zürichsee Schifffahrtsgesellschaft, always hoping for smooth sailing with abundant water under its keel! 

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