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Dual Study Programme

Study without practice? Only theory and no end in sight? There are other ways! With us you have the chance to combine theory with practical work experience in a dual study programme.

PERI Offers Dual Bachelor's Degree Courses in Cooperation with Various Universities

The dual study course differs from a full-time bachelor's course in that theoretical phases at the university alternate with practical phases at PERI. You will be employed by PERI during the entire course of studies and will receive a monthly salary as well as many additional benefits.

It is particularly important to us that you, as our student, feel at home in the entire PERI world. Therefore, we offer you the opportunity to complete a practical phase in a PERI subsidiary abroad. 

During all phases of your studies you will be supervised by our professionally and socially competent trainers.

Do you have any more questions?

Please contact us.

Simon Flandi
Head of Training and Dual Studies

Rudolf-Diesel-Strasse 19
89264 Weißenhorn
Phone: 07309 950 4011

Your Application

Would you like to complete your dual studies together with us?
Then apply from mid-July for the start of your studies in the following year using our online recruiting tool, including a cover letter, curriculum vitae, current certificates and existing certificates of internships.

Please note that applications received in paper form or by e-mail will unfortunately not be considered.