PERI plywood and wood-based panel are available in all size and length.

PERI Panel Products

We at PERI are one of the most successful providers of plywood and engineered wood-based panels. Our claim here is to be a competent and reliable partner for your requirements today and in the future.

From the very beginning, we have been using wood on a daily basis in various fields. Over the years, our expertise in the use of formwork panels in in-situ concrete construction has been perfected. Furthermore, we have additionally gained a lot of experience due to our long-term cooperation with customers from various industries, such as the transport and packaging industry, furniture and structural timber construction, as well as concrete block and precast plants. Thanks to our continuous further development, we have already achieved an annual volume of more than 10,000 containers, which corresponds to about 400,000 m³ of plywood.

Your Project – Our Mission

Professional advice and expert support for our customers in the successful realization of their projects are two of our core competencies. Experienced experts give practical product recommendations on site for exactly your end-use - from conception and implementation to product maintenance.

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All Products from a Single Source

Our plywood and engineered wood-based panels find numerous applications. Here you can see the different possible uses.

  • Construction: Due to its good technical properties, plywood had proven to be an important building material for the construction of small buildings, challenging structural and civil engineering projects but also for the production of individual precast concrete elements.
    Due to its good technical properties, plywood has proven to be an important building material for the construction of small buildings, challenging structural and civil engineering projects but also for the production of individual precast concrete elements. The choice of the right shuttering panel is crucial for the appearance of the concrete surface and its shape. Due to many years of experience, we are very familiar with these conditions and the resulting requirements for formwork panels for the on-site and precast concrete construction. Our panel products offers suitable products in different coatings, wood species, composition of the panel, thicknesses and sizes for the vast majority of construction projects.
  • Robust and durable production pallets are essential for the manufacture of concrete blocks.
    Concrete Block Industry
    For the qualitative, efficient production of concrete blocks, underlays of the highest quality and grade are required. For this reason, stone factories all over the world have been relying on PERI Pave for many years.
  • In the transportation industry, plywood panels are used for the floors as well as front and side walls in vehicles.
    The right plywood is of great importance when it comes to manufacturing and equipping different means of transport. Plywood convinces by its great technical properties but also through its easy workability. Moreover, panels can be delivered cut to size, which makes a decisive contribution to the efficient manufacture of vehicles. The requirements for the panels are as different as its use in commercial vehicles, trains, buses and even ships. The high-quality products from PERI are the right choice for flooring and wall cladding and can be easily adapted to individual customer requirements.
  • Plywood which is used as industrial packaging for valuable goods is characterized by its high strength and low weight.
    Plywood and engineered wood-based materials, which are used as industrial packaging for high-value goods, must convince by its stability and hit resistance. A low dead weight and good machinability are also decisive factors. PERI plywood and panel products represent the ideal raw material with which the various demands on packaging can be easily fulfilled.
  • In constructional timber construction, uncoated plywood and OSB products are primarily used.
    Timber Frame Housing
    In many countries around the world, wood is traditionally used as a constructive building material for floors, walls as well as for roofs and ceilings. In addition to exact dimensional accuracy and high dimensional stability, compliance with building regulations is a key requirement for the panel used. PERI plywood and engineered wood-based products are ideally suited for structural and non-load-bearing applications for timber frame housing.
  • The picture shows wooden panels.
    Decorative Applications and Furniture
    In decorative applications, plywood convinces in the same way with its natural beauty and changeability. The wood products are used in particular as cladding or ceiling panels as well as for joinery. Due to its diverse properties, PERI panel products are also highly regarded by our customers from the furniture industry worldwide. Whether natural or extravagant, in standard version or manufactured to special customer requirements - plywood and engineered wood-base panels offered by PERI represent the optimal material for the realization of creative ideas.

Our plywood and engineered wood-based panels find numerous applications. Here you can see the different possible uses.

Product Variety that Convinces

With the variety of our products, we support our clients from different application areas around the world to realize their projects. Whether it’s plywood with an abrasion-resistant coating for vehicle construction, cost-efficient packaging plywood, veneered panels for interior applications or load-bearing panel products for structural requirements – with our product portfolio we always set our customer and their requirements in focus.

  • PERI plywood and wood-based panel are available in all size and length.
    Plywood is made of thin veneers, which are glued together crosswise. The fibres, which are thus arranged at right angles, reduce the swelling and shrinking behavior of the board and contribute to the advantageous technical properties of this material. Depending on the type of wood used, multiplex boards can be characterized by their low dead weight combined with good strength values. Coatings and finishes underline or modify the natural appearance of the wood at the same time. Beyond its traditional use in the construction sector, plywood is also an important component in the transport and packaging industry. Plywood is also of great importance in the furniture- and engineered-wood flooring industry. Moreover it is also used for decorative applications and reflects the versatile use of this product made from the renewable raw material wood.
  • The picture shows laminated veneer wood.
    Engineered wood-based products
    In addition to fibreboard and chipboard, LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) and CLT (Cross-Laminated Timber) belong to the most well-known engineered wood materials. The products made from wood fibres or strands, such as HDF (High Density Fibrebord), MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) or OSB (Oriented Strand Board) can be characterized by their homogeneous appearance. They are suitable for many different applications in dry and wet areas, both for load-bearing and non-structural purposes. Comparable to plywood, laminated veneer lumber (LVL) is produced from glued and pressed veneers. The fibres of the veneers or strips are oriented in the same direction, which makes the product attractive for many applications in the building industry. CLT is made out of lumber which hare glued together in a cross-bonded way. Increased rigidity and strength are just two advantages of these wood materials.
  • The picture shows stacked lumber.
    Sawn Timber and Planed Goods
    Boards, beams, planks or battens - sawn timber in all its varieties is ideally suited for both simple and demanding applications indoors and outdoors. Traditionally, this material is used for construction purposes or as interior and exterior cladding for buildings. The production of packaging, high-quality furniture or its use as flooring also reflects the versatility of sawn timber in everyday use. The beauty of nature is enhanced by the light, unique appearance of the wood, giving end products and buildings their unique charm. Different patterns and types of wood characterize the properties of the product as well as its further processing and finishing.

On-site Worldwide

Our PERI storage facilities ensure that urgent requirements for materials can be met locally. In this way, we are able to supply our products in every country at excellent price-performance ratio. Our customers benefit from long-term cooperation with international leading manufacturers and our first-class logistics network.

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Sustainable Management As a Basic Principle of PERI 

Wood is a renewable natural raw material with the best conditions for sustainable use in the building industry and in various industrial applications.  
Healthy trees and forests are the "green lungs of our earth". With their important properties, they are decisive for a smoothly functioning ecosystem. Their existence and performance must therefore be particularly protected - today and in the future.  

We are aware of this responsibility towards the environment and society and set a good example. Ecologically, economically and socially responsible actions are firmly established values that determine our daily activities.

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