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Centre Pompidou, France

Centre Pompidou, Metz, France - The tent-like roof construction reached a height of 77 m. For the up to 32 m high PERI UP Rosett shoring towers, adapting to the complex roof geometry was carried out using system components from the VARIOKIT engineering construction kit.
Centre Pompidou, Metz, France - Transferring the roof loads took place via PERI UP shoring towers which could be supplemented with standardized system components to form a comprehensive supporting structure.
Centre Pompidou, Metz, France - Flexible, adaptable supporting structure consisting of PERI UP shoring towers - also for heights over 30 m.

Project data

Location: Metz, France

Tent-like roof construction up to 77 m in height with a Teflon-coated fibre glass membrane, which is designed as a 8,000-m² curved load-bearing structure of laminated timber.

Architects: Shigeru Ban Architects Europe and Jean de Gastines, Paris


Transfer of the roof loads from complex roof geometry


Holzbau Amann, Weilheim-Bannholz

Customer's benefit

  • flexible system combinations
  • optimum load distribution
  • supporting structure adaptable to complex roof geometry
Peter Amann, Managing Director/Installation Supervisor and Tobias Doebele, Site Manager
Peter Amann | Tobias Doebele
Managing Director/Installation Supervisor | Site Manager

PERI UP offers the perfect mix of flexibility, functionality and assembly speed. Everything can be combined – and we found a solution for every requirement in the shortest time possible.

PERI solution

  • three-dimensional shoring concept comprising rentable series material
  • up to 32-metre-high PERI UP Rosett shoring towers transfer the loads during the construction work
  • RSS push-pull props connect the head areas and brace these horizontally
  • load distribution via SRU steel walers and RCS climbing rails from the VARIOKIT modular construction kit