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Cristo Rei Monument, Portugal

Cristo Rei Monument, Lisbon, Portugal - Work could be safely carried out on the spacious and geometrically adapted working platforms of the PERI UP Rosett scaffold which was erected up to the head of the statue.
Cristo Rei Monument, Lisbon, Portugal - For the rented advertising space, high wind forces were to be expected due to the coastal location.
Cristo Rei Monument, Lisbon, Portugal - The 28 m high statue of Christ rests on an 81 m high base on the bank of the Rio Teje and is visible from a great distance.

Project data

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Complete erection of the 28 m high monument on an 81 m high base for cleaning and renovation.

Overall height: 109 m


  • complete scaffolding for cleaning and renovation work
  • complex geometry and high winds
  • use as advertising space


Santuário de Cristo Rei, Almada, Lisbon

Customer's benefit

Fast assembly times and high safety standard

Henrique Santos, Construction manager
Henrique Santos
Construction manager

In addition to the fast erection, PERI UP offers a high load-bearing capacity. Therefore it was also possible to work on the platforms with heavy material, a crane was not necessary. The scaffolding system was also so flexible that unforeseen adjustments due to inaccurate plans of the structure had no negative impact on the scaffolding solution and the construction sequence.

PERI solution

  • base scaffolding with PERI UP T 72 frame scaffold with intermediate support on CB console brackets
  • stair-like extension with inner brackets
  • combined with PERI UP Rosett modular scaffolding for maximum adaptation to the statue