PERI UP Flex Working Platforms

Safe working at any height through the high flexibility of the modular scaffolding
PERI UP Flex has a system grid of 25 cm and 50 cm. The wide range of ledgers with lengths starting from 25 cm allow decking to change direction during installation. This ensures maximum adaptability to suit project-specific geometries – no couplings are required.
Openings and pipe penetrations are circumvented with system decking, guardrails and toe boards.
Decking areas can be completely covered. Projecting columns can be built around using system components.
Maximum adaptability, highest safety and fast erection – all this makes the PERI UP Flex the ideal system for use in the industry.
The decks are available in different lengths. This means that optimal adjustment to the geometry is possible as well as to the permissible load.
Toe boards with lengths in the modular dimensions limit the decking areas.
Circular structures can also be easily scaffolded with PERI UP Flex.


With PERI UP Flex, safe working platforms can be realized at any height. With the continuous metric system grid of all components and the possibility of changing the direction of the decks, the modular scaffolding can be optimally adapted to suit virtually any local conditions. With the self-securing ledger connection on the rosette and the integrated protection against lifting in the decking, PERI UP Flex can be mounted extremely quickly. During use, the end-to-end guardrails and yellow toe board as well as the slip-resistant decks ensure a high degree of working safety. 

Very stable
Load capacity is increased and weight is reduced due to the rectangular waler cross-section. 

Smooth working levels
Work areas can be completely covered without gaps thanks to the metric system grid, and wall junctions can be modified smoothly without planking.

Extremely safe
The slip-resistant, galvanised steel panels lock automatically against lifting. No extra measures are required to secure the panels.

Technical Details

  • Modular scaffolding for erecting complex work scaffolds
  • Fits in all directions: uniform, metric length and width grid arangement of all system components of 25 cm and 50 cm; connection possibilities to the standards with 50 cm spacings
  • Scaffold bay lengths: 50 cm, 75 cm, 100 cm, 125 cm, 150 cm, 200 cm, 250 cm, 300 cm
  • Easy and safe assembly with the Gravity Lock: when placing the wedge head in the rosette, the wedge drops into the opening due to its own weight and automatically locks
  • Non-lift decking through the integrated lock against lift off (Locking Deck); slip-resistant decks
  • Level working areas without any gaps between the decks
  • Rigidity of the ledger connections allows high leg loads which means fewer diagonals are required
  • High level of working safety through the end-to-end guardrails and toe boards
  • Can be used with a wide range of supplementary system components and accessories for diverse applications