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VARIOKIT Cantilevered Parapet Bracket VGK

Lightweight bracket for refurbishment work as well as new construction for shorter bridges
After the initial assembly of the PERI VGK Cantilevered Parapet Bracket, access by means of an elevating work platform or scaffolding is not necessary.
The VARIOKIT Cantilevered Parapet Bracket with a closed working platform is the ideal solution for refurbishment work and new construction.
The Refurbishment Anchor consists of two parts of which only the Internal Threaded Sleeve is lost; the anchor bolt can be unscrewed and removed after use and can be re-used many times over. This facilitates dismantling work and saves costs.
The refurbishment anchor can immediately bear the dead weight of the VGK Cantilevered Parapet Bracket. This leads to fast erection and reduces blocking time. The bracket is fully load-bearing once the composite mortar has hardened.


For bridges with a superstructure length of less than 150 m, which do not justify the effort of mounting a carriage or a track, the VGK cantilever parapet bracket represents a good solution. The individual brackets are attached to the cantilever from below or laterally to the abutment and then supplemented with planks to form closed platforms. The formwork can be safely assembled and aligned from them.

The cantilever parapet bracket is stepless adjustable to very different parapet geometries.

Assembly by hand
One-man assembly is possible due to the light-weight and handy individual components.

The structure of the VGK bracket is separated into working platform and formwork unit. This means that the working platform is closed at any time – different types of work, such as refurbishment and concreting, can be performed in a safe way. 

Technical Details

  • Parapet dimensions up to W/H = 60/100 cm
  • Influence width up to 1.84 m
  • Separate platform and formwork units
  • Special refurbishment anchor with particularly high load-bearing capacity facilitates fast mounting process and allows fewer anchoring points

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