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ACS Self-Climbing System


The range of ACS self-climbing variants for facades, building cores, shaft structures as well as inclined bridge pylons make the construction of high concrete structures extremely fast, cost-effective and safe. The climbing units comprising wall formwork and platforms are moved from floor to floor by means of integrated hydraulic systems. The efficient sequence of operations facilitate a very high level of productivity and exceptionally short cycle times. Simultaneous climbing of several climbing units ensures fewer leading edges thus resulting in increased workplace safety.

Crane-independent, quick working operations
Shuttering, striking and hydraulic climbing in a very fast work rhythm

Weather-independent working
Comfortably-designed platforms with enclosures protect site personnel against wind and weather

Stable working platforms
Working platforms can accommodate high loads, e.g. arising from material storage or placing boom masts

Technical Details

  • Rail-guided, safe climbing procedure without a crane
  • Climbing device with 100 kN lifting power
  • Positively-driven and jerk-free climbing
  • 0.4 m/min effective climbing speed
  • Climbing can take place outside of normal working hours thanks to the almost silent climbing hydraulics
  • Weather-independent working operations with enclosed working platforms
  • Climbing shoes and anchor types optimized for project-specific factors such as building structure, load, wall thickness and required concrete strength
  • Large climbing units reduce the number of lost anchor components


ACS R Self-Climbing System 

standard system with carriage and open formwork at the top for easy installation of the reinforcement

ACS P Platform System 

for high-rise building cores constructed in advance and tower-like structures with generously-sized storage and working areas

ACS G Realization with Gallows 

for concreting walls and slabs in one pour or for circular structures; both formwork sides are attached to the cantilevered gallows

ACS V Adjustable Version

for inclined structures such as bridge pylons or piers, with platforms always in a horizontal position

ACS S Shaft Formwork 

for stairways or small elevator shafts with a single climbing device positioned in the centre

ACS C Core Formwork 

for moving large-sized core formwork core including concrete placing boom and site equipment

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Regional Availability

ACS Self-Climbing System is available in the following countries:

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Marina Bay Sands: Yoon Chul Ahn, Construction manager
Yoon Chul Ahn
Construction manager

We are absolutely satisfied with the PERI systems and the comprehensive service which helped us with proficient engineering, logistics and jobsite support to successfully implement the project. We are able to work safely and with minimum crane utilisation with SKYTABLE and ACS – thus we need less than 4 days for one storey.

Project report
Las Torres de Hércules Statement: Juan Jose Gutiérrez Moya, Construction manager
Juan Jose Gutiérrez Moya
Construction manager

This project would not have been possible without the PERI ACS self-climbing technology. It is a great and absolutely safe system. Also the cooperation with PERI is again and again ideal.

Project report
3rd Bosphorus Bridge, Samet Seyhan, Construction Manager (ICA) and Evans Baek, Deputy Project Manager (Hyundai/SK)
Samet Seyhan | Evans Baek
Construction Manager (ICA) | Deputy Project Manager (Hyundai/SK)

The pylons of the 3rd Bosphorus Bridge are unique and extremely complicated due to the inclined conical shape and the numerous embedded items. PERI ACS system was the right decision for this one of a kind bridge project because of the huge experience of PERI. Getting a competent and comprehensive support inside our tight schedule and providing completely safe working platforms at all levels and at any height was other positive aspects of PERI ACS system.

Project report
Golden Ears Bridge - Michael Hug, Polier
Michael Hug
Site Foreman

I have already been working with PERI systems for many years and I am convinced that the ACS Climbing System and the VARIO Wall Formwork are the optimum solution. ACS enabled us to reduce the build time. In my opinion PERI offers the best formwork systems in terms of technology.

Project report
Puente Baluarte - Salvador Sánchez Núñez, Project Manager
Salvador Sánchez Núñez
Project leader

We are extremely satisfied with the PERI systems and the efficient engineering – we were able to considerably accelerate the climbing cycles thanks to ACS. Despite the great height, we were able to work safely on the working platforms. Furthermore, we achieved excellent concrete surfaces, our customer is very satisfied.

Project report
Picture of Hayder Awni, Project Manager, Al Habtoor Leighton Group (HLG), Dubai
Hayder Awni
Project Manager

PERI´s ACS system has once again proved its uniqueness. We can safely and quickly realize our very complicated core wall as well as in a very high quality with the ACS without having to utilize the crane. This is a big advantage on our construction site.

Project report