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Tips for the cleaning and maintenance of formwork panels

Correct treatment and cleaning will extend the life cycle of concrete formwork panels. Our concise tips will show you how to best treat your PERI formwork panels to be able to reuse them as often as possible.

Before using the formwork

Picture of a hand that coats the edges of a formwork panel with a brush in order to illustrate the sealing of formwork panels.

Sealing of edges and holes

At the production plant, coated plywood is protected with a coat of varnish along all four edges to protect it against moisture. You should restore this protection again after sawing or drilling.

  • Use sharp, suitable tools when working on the formwork panels.
  • Seal unprotected edges and drill holes at least once with edge protective paint.
Picture of a nozzle which sprays a liquid on a formwork panel to illustrate the lubrication of concrete formwork panels.

Lubricate before use

Treat the formwork panels regularly with a suitable release agent. Apply a thin and even film of release agent and smoothen it. Excess amount has to be removed with a cloth or a wiping mop. You can achieve the best results with high-quality concrete release agents such as PERI Clean, PERI Plasto Clean or PERI Bio Clean.

Further tips:

  • Use suitable fasteners for the retaining of recess units and built-in parts to reduce the damage to the formlining. 
  • Avoid walking on the formlining surface. Soil on the sole of the shoes might lead to scratches on the formlining, and this might show on the concrete surface.
  • Spacers for reinforcement should be used with large supports. This helps to avoid indentations on the formlining in case of loads.

After using the formwork

Picture of brush and scraper on formwork panels, as examples of cleaning tools for the cleaning of concrete formwork panels after using the formwork.

Clean after usage

  • Clean the formwork panels directly after striking.
  • Use only suitable cleaning tools to avoid damage (no high-pressure water cleaning).
  • Repair scratches or holes with PERI repair discs.
  • Filling is not recommended as the spackle will not permanently remain in the formwork panel.
  • After using the formwork, proper storing until the next use has to be ensured.

Storage and transportation

Storage and transportation tips with a picture of a roofed storage place for formwork panels with a sun and a cloud with rain.

Protect against weather influence

  • Protect the formwork panels against contact with water and direct exposure to sunlight.
  • Ensure good ventilation and cleanliness of the formwork panels.
  • Store the panels on even ground to avoid deflection.
  • Storing of other building materials, such as e.g. concrete steel, on the formwork panels is to be avoided.
  • Stacks of panels must only be transported while secured with strapping band.