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Building shells and finishing work

As the construction site proceeds, the basic parts are modified into temporary access, stair towers or a stairwell staircase. During the building of the shells, the modules are turned into reinforcement scaffolding, facade scaffolding or a project-specific solution. For loads, PERI UP can be combined into shoring towers, shoring or heavy-duty prop. As an interim solution, the weather-protection roof protects against influences from the outside.


  • Temporary access with a system width of 75 cm to working areas at higher levels or to construction sites
  • Assembly as a 4-legged stair tower according to the standard configuration with alternating staircase units or staircase units in the same direction for heights up to 66 m (or up to 100 m with project-specific planning)
  • For a maximum load of 2.0 kN/m²
  • Assembled using lightweight aluminium flights of stairs which are mounted on ledgers
  • Height adjustments accommodated within the system without requiring any time-consuming coupling work

Stairwell staircases for access and finishing

  • Compact access with a width of 75 cm for small staircase wells inside buildings, erected with short PERI UP Flex flights of stairs
  • Maximum adaptability for accommodating narrow geometries
  • Access can be created to all floors in height increments of 25 cm using standard components
  • Standard versions available for common floor heights
  • Gap-free closed scaffold decks through the 25 cm grid arrangement

Reinforcement scaffolding

  • Working scaffold with 75 cm or 100 cm decking widths for reinforcement, shuttering and concreting (Load Class 1 to 3) operations
  • Execution with a base width of 150 cm or 250 cm and assembly variations with up to 3 bays in a longitudinal direction
  • Maximum standing height 10.80 m, overall length up to 9.00 m in the standard configuration
  • Guaranteed stability without ballast or anchoring
  • Fast assembly through self-securing ledger connections and integrated protection against lifting in the decks
  • High level of safety when working on the formwork through the continuous, gap-free even deck covering
  • Large units can be moved by crane due to the very tight connections

Shoring towers, linked towers and spatial shoring

  • Shoring towers with square or rectangular ground plans with dimensions up to 3.00 m in 50 cm increments
  • Can also be used as shoring towers with additional frames
  • Maximum adaptability in grid size to suit different geometries and load requirements (e.g. concentrated load transfer by bundling the legs)
  • Type-tested: as a free-standing shoring tower with assembly heights up to 8.39 m and for loads up to 40 kN; restrained at the top, up to heights of 21.89 m and loads up to 46 kN
  • Fast transportation of large, pre-assembled scaffold units by crane
  • Adapted to suit all PERI slab formwork systems

Shoring towers, shoring towers with additional frames

  • Semi-flexible system
  • Cost-effective through the use of frames with a width of 125 cm
  • Free-standing shoring tower with assembly heights up to 6.39 m and for loads up to 45 kN; restrained at the top, up to heights of 9.39 m and loads up to 50 kN in the standard configuration
  • High level of safety during vertical assembly due to the systematic assembly and dismantling of the individual components with protection provided by the guardrail in advance through decking on the inside which is climbed simultaneously
  • Reduced misapplications due to the innovative assembly sequence
  • Effortless handling through the low weight of the components (max. 16 kg) and ergonomically advantageous working operations in the centre of the body
  • For transferring concentrated loads, up to 2 additional frames can be connected on an individual tower
  • Can be moved as a complete unit by crane
  • Height adjustment by means of frames in 50 cm grid dimensions

Heavy-duty props

  • 4-legged heavy-duty prop consisting of lightweight system components for single loads up to 200 kN and an assembly height of up to 8.00 m in the standard configuration
  • Displacement and force-controlled pre-stressing and lowering of the prop under load through a hydraulic cylinder in the base
  • The mobile hydraulic unit can be quickly moved from prop to prop
  • Force can be directly read on the manometer for a fast and safe application
  • Can be transported and installed manually due to the low weight of individual components (max. 24 kg)

Project-specific solutions using system and component combinations

  • Optimized use of materials corresponding to the required load capacity through statically maximized utilization of the components
  • Flexible adjustment to suit the building geometry
  • Cost-effective realization of supporting structures through the use of standardized, rentable PERI system components and site-compliant connection means

Facade scaffolding for complex ground plans and architecture

  • Facade scaffolding for cantilevered and demanding forms of architecture
  • Particularly high load-bearing 3D scaffold for working on facades (up to Load Class 6)
  • Gap-free decking levels as each bay is completely fitted with system decking and without any tripping hazards
  • Decks are directly mounted on the ledgers
  • Adjustments take place in uniform 25 cm increments; a high level of flexibility for complex facade scaffolding
  • Connections of other system components are possible using node spacings of 50 cm on the standards
  • Roof edge protection and bridging can be assembled using only a minimum of additional components

Length-based facade scaffolding

  • Facade scaffolding for large-area, length-oriented architecture
  • Fall protection without additional components through the systematic assembly procedure with protection provided by the guardrail mounted in advance
  • Faster working due to the low weight of the individual components
  • Standard configuration virtually without couplings and with a quick anchoring system
  • Fast, well thought-out solutions for details such as external and internal corners, brackets etc.
  • Combination with PERI UP Flex system components through node connections on the Easy Frame

Weather protection roofs

  • Temporary roofing with 15° standard roof pitch for protecting the construction team from rain, snow or heat
  • Spans up to 45 m, up to 35 m without a tension system
  • Individual roof geometries through project-specific adaptation of the ridge elements
  • Easy and simple opening, closing and moving of the roof elements by hand
  • Safe access via walkways along the trusses without the use of any PPE (personal protective equipment against falling)
  • Solution with electric motor simplifi es the winding and unwinding of the tarpaulins
PERI UP für den Hochbau

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