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PERI Construction Exercise 2018 | 2019

The international PERI Construction Exercise is a competition, endowed with the € 20,000 PERI - Prize, for all pupils and students inside an educational institution in the field of "construction". Interrelationships of many construction management disciplines are subject of the exercise. The emphasis is on the implementation of the acquired knowledge in the training on a real project. The use of PERI formwork systems is also part of the exercise. PERI systems are encountered in the following career on many construction sites in the world.

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Construction Exercise
2018 | 2019

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General information

For the 12th time, PERI is offering all pupils and students studying “construction” the opportunity to take part in an international construction exercise.

Practical experience for your professional future

The training competition prepares participants for practical work in their professional future. Working on a real construction project will deepen and consolidate knowledge of theoretical content. The practical tasks will stretch and encourage the participants, especially in relation to work preparation and formwork technology. Use of the popular software PERI CAD will also form part of the exercise. All these features make the PERI construction exercise a valuable training module with a lasting effect.

The exercise can be tackled in groups of up to 5 people. The work, to be submitted in German or English, must not exceed 100 pages including all plans and layouts.

€ 20,000 PERI – Prize

Work that complies with the rules will be considered for the PERI – Prize. The total prize fund is more than € 20,000! The authors of the five best entries will be invited to PERI's headquarters in Weissenhorn in November 2019 for the final stage.


Rank Prize money
1 € 5.000
2 € 4.000
3 € 3.000
4 € 2.000
5 € 1.500
6 - 10 € 1.000


The deadline is 31st July 2019. The postmark will be taken as proof of the date of posting. There is no legal recourse.

Acceptable as final thesis and part of the curriculum

After consultation with the teachers, the PERI construction exercise can serve as the topic for a final thesis. And it can also be used – completely or partially – as a task in the framework of the lessons.


The task in 2018 | 2019 includes the following subject areas:

At the first part building details and tender documents writing service specifications is required. In the method selection process, comparisons are made to select the optimal formwork system and then the entire formwork solutions for the project. After that, the construction process is illustrated by a construction schedule, including personnel and equipment planning. In addition there need to be projected the details of construction work and site equipment. And also a construction site setup plan has to be drawn. Finally, the calculation will be created and the service specifications completed.


Here you find your international support:

International contacts


Is a separate registration required for the competition or is submission of the project sufficient?

If you have handed in your solution along with the completed form by the given deadline, you are automatically registered.

Are the Calculation costs valid for forming and stripping?

Formwork is divided into forming and stripping on a ratio of 2:1. Example: Calculation costs worth: 0.9 h/sqm Forming: 0.6 h/sqm Stripping: 0.3 h/sqm.

What can I do, if the task is not complete?

Please read the task again first. If you don´t find the values there, please have a closer look in the other documentation (brochures etc.). If you cannot find a solution there, you may do an assumption that you should explain and, if possible, give the source of your information. Please mark your assumptions clearly.

The shuttering of the walls or slabs is not as requested. What needs to be done?

Double check the layout of the floor plan if you have major problems. If you have minor problems, like missing panels add panels manually. Remark regarding the layout of the floor plan: Please, practice the use of the program before laying out the floor plan of the construction exercise.

Do I have to shutter the foundations, too?

No, you don't have to create a formwork solution for the foundations.

Can I choose the PERI Construction Exercise as topic to write on in a student research paper or a master thesis?

PERI has no objections against Constructions Exercise being the topic of research papers, bachelor theses, or master theses. The details, however, can only be defined by the relevant university.

How can I use existing 3D models to design formwork structures?

3D models can be directly used to design wall formwork structures. First hide the slabs in your layout, then insert the construction joints right into the walls. After that cycles can be created. Make sure to remove existing openings prior to creating cycles. Only then the automated software mechanism will create an acceptable solution.


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The finalists and prizewinners have been chosen!

The interest in the 11th edition of the international PERI construction exercise was very high. Never before have so many copies been sent. Special thanks go to the numerous groups from all over the world who submitted their solutions. In the preliminary round the works from 92 students were judged.

The teams in 6th to 10th place each won € 1,000 in prize money. The top five teams will be given the opportunity to present their work at PERI's headquarters in Weissenhorn, Germany, at the grand finale from November 28th to 30th 2017. A selected jury of experts will evaluate the solutions presented and award places 1 to 5.

The finalists can look forward to an extensive supporting program in Weissenhorn and Ulm. This includes, among other things, a guided tour of the plant and a visit to the object from the exercise.

We are looking forward to the grand finale and will report on the final result here.


(alphabetically by university)

Name University
Dennis Lohölter
Max Renneis
University of Kaiserslautern
Marc Kieferle University of Munich
Florian Bröning University of RheinMain
Maxim Rotzalski RWTH Aachen University
Rabea Felice Bogen
Franziska Schneider
Anja Hanusch
Technical University Mittelhessen


Place 6 to 10

Place Name University
6 Ivan Levchenko
Kirill Zhdanov
Hamk University of Applied Sciences, Finland
7 Gerhard Inning University of Munich
8 Fabian Dehnel
Clemens Berndt
Daniel Albrecht
Marco Bandiko
University of Applied Sciences, Leipzig, Germany
9 Andreas Wolfthaler
Christoph Kühbacher
University of Applied Sciences Carinthia, Austria
10 Christian Stein University of Munich

Construction Exercise 2014|2015

The winners of the 10th international PERI Construction Exercise were awarded a total sum of € 20,000 at the end of November 2015. The aim of the contest is to convey the curricular content of construction operations, in particular in the fields of work preparation and formwork technology, with a strong focus on the practical aspects.

Winners of the Construction Exercise 2014 | 2015 determined in the finals

Of a total of 31 teams, the top five teams presented their solutions and were competing for ranks 1 to 5. After intensive discussions, the winner in a close run was found:

  • Rank 1:     Duale Hochschule BW Mosbach, Germany
  • Rank 2:     University of Stuttgart, Germany
  • Rank 3:     University of Munich, Germany
  • Rank 4:     Technical University of Graz, Austria
  • Rank 5:     Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin, Germany

PERI would like to congratulate all participants on their excellent performance.

You can find our press releases here


Construction Exercise 2014 | 2015 (English)
Construction Exercise 2014 | 2015 (German)

Construction Exercise 2012 | 2013

For the 9th time, PERI is organizing a construction exercise that is targeted at all educational institutions that offer construction-related courses. This exercise covers many different aspects of the construction business.

Winners of Construction Exercise 2012/2013 determined at Final Qualification

On November 13th 2013, the top five teams presented their solutions, thus battling for ranks 1-5. After intensive discussions, the jury decided as follows:

  • Rank 1:     University of Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern, Germany
  • Rank 2:     University of Stuttgart
  • Rank 3:     Kerschensteinerschool Reutlingen, Reutlingen
  • Rank 4:     Baden Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University Mosbach
  • Rank 5:     University of Applied Sciences Erfurt

Congratulations to all participants for the outstanding performance.

You can find our press releases here


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